“Yerevan has promised to recognize the independence of Karabakh in the event of hostilities

– Armenia recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence, if the war begins, which will be impossible to stop, said the foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian.

“If war breaks out and cannot be immediately stopped, then Armenia recognizes the (self-proclaimed) Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. It would mean the end of negotiations with all the consequences,” said Nalbandian, answering questions of participants of the Sixth pan-Armenian forum “Armenia-Diaspora” on Monday in Yerevan.

According to him, the recognition will not solve the issue.

“If the recognition was solved all the issues, then we would have recognized. Negotiations are underway and we wish to solve the issue peacefully with the international community. We will continue the negotiations as much as possible. War is not the solution”, – said the head of Armenian foreign Ministry.

He also noted that “another attempt to solve the issue by military means will lead to still more harsh response from the Armenian side, Azerbaijan know about it”.

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