Booster “Angara-A5” was launched from Elektrostal

Booster “Angara-A5” was launched recently from Baikonur… in Elektrostal near Moscow. However, Angara this compared to this was reduced in 50 times, and the role of the spaceport took over a vacant lot in the Anniversary of his native city district 11-grader of the 12 th school Cyril Mozhaev.

Kirill is engaged in the missile modeling at the station of young technicians of the city of Elektrostal with 3 classes. “Agaru” was chosen as a model because “this is the newest rocket booster, developed fully in Russia, and working on clean fuel”.

In order for a model made of paper and wood, could fly, the student and his mentor had to work more than two years. First to max 2015 they’ve prepared a poster, not a flying model in scale of 1: 50, which is repeated the appliance Center. Khrunichev. For flight testing I had to build another one.

– How did your rocket did not burn at the start, because it is paper? – I ask the young designer.

– She took off on a solid propellant engine of the squib, in which the combustion takes place inside the rocket does not harm.

A reduced copy of the Angara rocket soared to a height of 70 meters and was divided into elements that are landed by parachute. Cyril next target – to achieve at launch, a real launch vehicle, separated the side blocks.

The model of “Angara” has been Mozhayeva victory at the festival “COSMODIC-Moscow region-2017”. And last week fulfilled his longtime dream: head of the Center. Khrunichev Alex Morocco, invited the 11-graders with mentors at the company, where the collected real rocket.

The CEO personally conducted tour in the shops № 73 and № 22 space Rocket plant, told about the production technology of rockets and answered all questions of the guests.

At the end of the visit Alexey Barocco presented to all the senior Certificates of the candidates for training from the Center Khrunichev and received an invitation to visit the Baikonur cosmodrome during the next launch of the carrier rocket “proton-M”, which is scheduled for September 28, 2017.

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