Commander of the airborne forces, Serdyukov had a bad accident with a deadly outcome

Serious cherepno-a brain trauma and a fracture of the spine received in a traffic accident in the Murmansk commander of the airborne troops (VDV), Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov. However, according to the defense Ministry, his health condition is satisfactory.

The crash also injured three soldiers, a woman and two children, the driver, who was traveling to a meeting of the car also had an accident, died.

Photo: Hibiya.

A terrible accident occurred three days ago. Approximately 14.44 on 1420-m kilometer of the highway P21 “Cola” column of the three vans accompanied by military traffic police moved to the side of Pechenga.

As you can see in the video, filmed by the dash camera EN route for the convoy of car on the road that day was fairly empty, it was a little rainy. At some point, ahead of the car of the witness, zipping past steel minibuses, consisting in column. Moving towards the column of the car “Volkswagen Tiguan” gave way, pressed against the right side of the road. A following car “Chevrolet Lanos” has not had time to sort out the situation and going to overtake, on a tangent has faced with the third car from the column – “Volkswagen Caravelle”. After blow “Chevrolet Lanos” has brought to the side and he re-faced the car “Volkswagen Tiguan”. Car “Volkswagen Caravelle”, which was a General-Colonel, turned over five times, fell into a ditch while moving.

Commander with serious injuries was taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital of the Northern fleet. With multiple fractures in the hospital also proved to be 52-year-old Deputy commander for airborne training, major General Vladimir Kochetkov. In addition, the injured 49-year-old assistant commander and 35-year-old adjutant.

Photo: Hibiya.

As for the car “Chevrolet Lanos”, which went to a family with two minor children, where the situation was even sadder. The driver of the car, 34-the summer inhabitant of Murmansk, from the received traumas has died in the ambulance. 39-year-old wife of the driver also suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized. Minor injuries and psychological trauma has got two children, the eldest of whom is 17 years old.

Blood alcohol of the driver of the van, the examination showed.

Colonel-General was in Murmansk region with a working visit. There now are exercises of the Northern fleet for the protection of the Arctic island area and coastline with the performance of the rocket, anti-aircraft and artillery fire.

Photo: Hibiya.

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