“Five people died due to car collision with a camel in Kazakhstan

– In Alma-ATA region in the South-East of Kazakhstan in the night of Tuesday in the collision of a car with a camel killed five people, reported the press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

According to the press service, at the site of the highway “Western Europe – Western China”, passing through Panfilov district, on the night of 19 September, the car Range rover, driven 43-year-old resident of Almaty, near the village of aydarly collided with a camel and overturned.

“On-site accident killed the woman driver and her three passengers, one more person died later in hospital”, – stated in the message.

The press service notes that in the road accident also killed the camel, the owner of which is not yet installed.

The police said that this part of the route is not yet completed, so the movement of motor vehicles are still prohibited.

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