“In the “Kaspersky Lab” told about the absence of ties to any government

Guide “Kaspersky Lab” disappointed with the decision by the U.S. Senate prohibiting the use of company products by the Federal service of the country and intends to refute the allegations of a possible connection with a cyber espionage in a speech before the American Parliament on September 27.

The “Laboratory” received by “Interfax” on Tuesday, stressed that the company had “no political ties or affiliation with any government.”

In России13 Sep 2017″Kaspersky Lab” prepared to prove his innocence in spinerette read more

“”Kaspersky lab” disappointed that the U.S. Senate passed a bill to allocate funds for defense (Defense Authorization Act), as amended, governing the use of our products. In this regard, “Kaspersky Lab” appreciates provided by the US government the opportunity to speak before Congress on September 27 and publicly refute the false accusations against the company”, – stated in the message “Kaspersky Lab”.

In “Kaspersky Lab believe that “to build assumptions about the possible risks on the basis of false information and country of origin of the company is then subjected to all of the additional threat, since such a solution limits the choice of protective products on the market”

“In the near future, “Kaspersky Lab” will make a response to the proposed Ministry of internal security of the United States operational Directive. We hope that Congress will take into account the information provided to discuss further steps. Digital security is a worldwide problem that since cyber threats do not know territorial boundaries”, – is spoken in the message.

The General Director of “Kaspersky Lab” Eugene Kaspersky has declared readiness to testify on September 27 in front of Congress if the United States will give him an Express visa.

Before it became known that the Committee on science, space and technology, house of representatives, invited the virus and another four experts from the U.S. government and the private sector in the field of cyber technology for hearing on September 27.

On the eve of the Ministry of internal security of the USA forbade the state institutions in the country to use the software Russian “Kaspersky Lab” because of fears that the company “may be associated with other organized government in cyber espionage”. Public institutions, States are obliged to abandon production of the Russian company for three months.

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