“In the region of the Baltic sea with the next mission flew a strategic bomber USA

– On the background of the passing of the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017” on Tuesday in the region of the Baltic sea once again flew the strategic bomber USAF B-52H capable of carrying nuclear weapons, reported Western aircraft sites.

On the route of flight of an American bomber, lifted from the British air base Fairford, unknown.

On Monday, the American strategic bomber B-52H also was flying in the Baltic.

In addition, as reported last Thursday, the first day of the exercise “West-2017” in the UK was transferred three American strategic bomber B-52H from the composition of the 307-th wing, stationed at Barksdale air force base (Louisiana).

Before their arrival in England, in Europe, there were already two American strategic bomber B-1B and B-52H.

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