In Transbaikalia the artists demonstrated “curiosities” related to Khodorkovsky

It seems that the movie is once again becoming the most important art. Fighting continued around the “Matilda”. And the conflict, as it turned out, can break out about any movie, which once again was confirmed at the Zabaikalsky international film festival. Clever and subtle picture of the “Turkish saddle” Yusuf razykova was in the midst of conflict. Siberian was angry at the Director who directed the drama about a retired, fell in love with a young girl. And surrounded him with a ring, calling for a response. As the jury noted for directing and best film.

Alexander Mikhailov with her daughters Anastasia and Miroslava. Photo: Alexander Golubchikov.

Gorgeous Yaroslavl actor Valery Maslov played in the “Turkish saddle”, the main role, making his debut in a big movie in ‘ 62. His hero is the security guard everyone calls. Previously, he worked in the KGB, but in retirement continues to monitor the people. A desperate story of a lost life. The festival Yusuf came with two prizes in the suitcase obtained in Yekaterinburg. Flew through Vladivostok, where his painting showed the “Pacific Meridian”. In Chita added two hefty prize, so I had to pay extra at the airport for overweight.

“All our hope” Karen Gevorgyan, which is often perceived as a documentary, says about the family of a miner, entered into an unequal battle with the authorities. The film was shot with real miners and was awarded for best screenplay, awarded the prize of spectator sympathies. “We live in a complex and interesting country, where 160 ethnic cultures. Here is a support from which it grows. This field is waiting for us. We have a terrific audience. And we your man don’t understand,” said Karen Gevorgyan. The prize to young filmmaker, starting their path to learn from a talented female Director Sharbanu Garden from Afghanistan for the film “Wolf and sheep” about the lives of rural teenagers in their country. There was another original painting “Oralman” Kazakh Director Sabit Kurmanbekov related to Afghanistan. The characters are ethnic Kazakhs, living and even born in Afghanistan, returned to their historical homeland. Something fresh and unusual in these films, striking mountain scenery, bright colors meager life. Mongolian actress Changed, borkhuu, who played in the Chinese film “my mother’s airfield” Zhou Upena resident of the distant pastures, adopted 6-year-old boy brought to the Inner Mongolia from Shanghai during the famine of the 1960s. a Member of the jury of Maria Mironova explained why he had to abandon the traditional prizes for the male and female roles and to award the award for best acting performance. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision about the best actor, and then such a strong female role. Although the painting itself is gradually eroding because of the sketchy history.

Not left without attention of Emir Kusturica. The head of the jury — film Director Nikolay Lebedev compared it with the Universe. In the end, issued a special prize outstanding author and personality. His film “On the milky way”, where he played in duet with Monica Bellucci, to the category of successes will not be called. Perhaps, in the competition he got from the promises of the Kusturica to come to Chita, which he never carried out.

In the competition program participated in “Fire in the wind” Yakut directed by Dmitry Davydov. He is school Director in district of Amga, which is 200 km from Yakutsk. Filmed in his native village with the participation of Yakut professional actors and villagers. The artless and sincere story about an elderly man who lost a son and sheltered teen from drinking family. The picture was nominated for Australian Oscar in a section of APSA of UNESKO Aword, he has received awards in Canada and Russia. Dmitry Davydov continues to teach and preparing for the new film.

Zabaykalsky festival focuses on multicultural cinema, the ethnographic scope, and the nearest neighbors – China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, where many interesting things happen. Producer Alexey Petrukhin presented in Transbaikalia unfinished project “the Mystery of the seal of the dragon: a journey to China,” Oleg Stepchenko with the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan is not only an actor but also a producer. According to him, China will begin to invest in the Russian movie. There shot for the year 743 of the film, and we have about 80. If the United States is 42 thousand cinemas in China – 46 thousand, and by the end of the year will be 50, in Russia – 1 thousand 450, and it is about 4 thousand screens. In the USSR, their number reached respectively to 29, 5 thousand and 320 thousand Inquisitive producer, Petrukhin found that in Chita took the pioneers of Mao Zedong, this city served as Brezhnev, and there were people ready to show off his army cot.

Photo Natalya Varley on the track. Photo: Alexander Golubchikov.

The jury was a Chinese film Director Xie FEI is the owner of a Berlin “Bear” – Gold and Silver – for the film “Woman from the lake of fragrant shower” and “Black snow”. He teaches at the Beijing film Academy. Among his pupils – the Chinese genius Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige. Arrived to Siberia from China filmmakers have surrounded Mr. Xie FEI’s tight ring, and with what reverence addressed – nothing of the sort we do not see.

Chairman of the jury of Nikolai Lebedev in recital showed a fragment of an early documentary film about his grandmother and … began to sing a song from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva on the poems by Tsvetaeva “how many of them fall into the abyss…”. Already captured the spirit of such openness. In the yard of his grandmother Kolya shot the first film. And in Moscow she secretly fled for her grandson in the subway, to accompany, even at a distance, to the admissions office of the Institute of Cinematography. Nicholas recalled how approved for the role of the troupe in “the Snake source” 10-grader Katya Velichenko, as not immediately appreciated, Igor Petrenko, specifying writing in the category of worn beauties. A 23-year-old Igor at the time was going to leave the profession, and then paketini shot it is not approved for the role in “Star”. Nikolai Lebedev read a favorite poem of Eldar Ryazanov’s “Commandment” of Kipling, but after the festival went to Manchuria to present the Chinese audience with his “Crew”.

President of the festival actor Alexander Mikhailov, a native of the Chita region. He came with his wife and daughters, went to the churchyard where he is buried and the father is 20 kilometers from Chita. Talked about it with tears, visited the house in the Buryat village of Tsugol, leg 400 kilometers one way. There once lived with his mother. At the closing of the festival came the Abbot Zagorskogo datsan. “I was born in a monastic cell 70 metres away from this temple, – said Alexander Mikhailov. Every year there come. I’m glad my temple, which is 217 years, rises”. Daughter Mikhailov singing with his father. Senior Anastasia graduated from VGIK, is a film actress. 16-year-old Miroslav is also an actress. Alexander Mikhailov told “MK” that she sings songs that once played his mother-staroobryadtsy. The girls worked in the jury of the contest “New vision” under the guidance of actress Anna Tsukanova-Cott. At the VI festival Alexander Mikhailov recalled how in the beginning when they planned the festival at home, heard the taunts: “Come on! Some new Vasyuki already was.”

Among the guests Natalya Varley, Recalling their French and Siberian roots. She remains my favorite actress of millions. In Chita the fans gave her a fur coat. The love of Andrei Sokolov and Valery Barinov put the down jacket. Is always useful with this active lifestyle. Valery Barinov, for example, did a complicated way to get to the cheats. Left Brest, where the theatre festival, played in the play “Rothschild’s Fiddle. And arriving in Siberia went to meet with the audience in Krasnokamensk, where he served his sentence, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. There are now among the attractions is a modest hotel, where stayed the wife of the disgraced oligarch, visiting husband. Miners mining uranium, wearing gloves, about which they say that they stitched Khodorkovsky. This is “folklore” in modern times.

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