Makarevich: we have the power of a very immoral and cynical

Musician Andrei Makarevich in “Novaya Gazeta” explained their lack of participation in public and political discussions of the last time: according to him, the possibility of dialogue between representatives of different views in society lost.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Some already know all this, // Others don’t want to know” — poems explained Makarevich their views, adding that the split in society began with the Ukrainian conflict, when he was “released the demons”.

The blame for the situation Makarevich laid on the power and “absolute power of the President”: “All comes from the government, unfortunately. We have it very immoral and cynical. The part of our citizens, very big, this situation is satisfied. They copy the model of behavior that provides power. It turned out that our people are extremely easy to breed hatred”.

Hopes the author of the article in the “New” and the cultural figures who, in his words, as “half the country” sit on “a leash of government funding” .

For those who want to avoid becoming a victim of the situation, Makarevich gives the advice to “not freaking out” and help those who are possible, although “such options are few.” He also recommends not to be “alarmist moods” to the expected threats are implemented in reality.

Recall that shortly after the outbreak of the war in the Donbass Makarevich was subjected to the harassment for allegedly held a concert for Ukrainian soldiers, despite the fact that in reality he has performed a charity concert in favour of children.

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