“One person died at Guadeloupe due to hurricane “Maria”

– The authorities of the island of Guadeloupe is an overseas territory of France in the Caribbean sea on Tuesday reported that at least one person was killed and two are missing due to the impact of hurricane “Maria”.

According to the authorities, referenced in the media, one of the locals, despite the instructions of the authorities not to leave the shelter, was on the street and died under a fallen tree.

According to media reports, at present about 40% of all households in Guadalupe were left without electricity due to the disaster. Hurricane “Maria” was awarded the highest – the fifth – power category on the Saffir-Simpson scale. For Tuesday he weakened to fourth grade, but then increased again to the highest level. The maximum wind speed reaches 260 km/h.

Earlier, the Caribbean and the United States struck a powerful hurricane “Irma”. The storm caused considerable damage, killed more than 80 people, more than half of them – on the Islands of the Caribbean.

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