Physicist: human civilization is threatened by artificial intelligence

Probably the worst case scenario for human civilization can become a clash with artificial intelligence, aware of itself. This statement was made by physicist Max Tegmark from the Massachusetts Institute of technology.


According to physics experts often think of “smart” machines can leave many people without work or to be used to create new weapons, but even more dangerous consequences until now almost not been considered seriously.

We are talking about the probability that at a certain stage in the development of self-learning artificial superintelligence can gain a kind of consciousness. The car can feel like an identity at a new level to realize its own subjective experience, that is, despite a fundamentally different “structure” will be in many respects like the man says, Tegmark, tend not to consider such a scenario fully fantastic.

Among the most known to a wide audience of people who were seriously considering artificial intelligence as a potential threat to humanity, you can call another theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking and entrepreneur Elon musk. Last recently stated that the desire of various countries to become leaders in the field of artificial intelligence could lead to a Third world war. Before the billionaire entered into a discussion with the founder of network Facebook mark Zuckerberg does not agree with the thesis that the development of artificial intelligence should impose restrictions. Both parties to a dispute have considered the position of the opponent the result of insufficient understanding of the situation.

By the way, the Musk, Hawking, and several other public officials left to the recently published book max Tegmark positive feedback.

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