Russian scientists have invented a medical mask for the deaf

Antimicrobial mask to communicate with people with hearing disabilities is invented by a team of inventors from Moscow. Their “know-how” residents of the capital patented in mid-September.


According to the authors, the mask needs to solve the problem of communication between patient and doctor or student and teacher, if one of them is able to recognize speech only by movements of the lips. This product has a special insert of transparent material, which is made in the place where is located the mouth. The insert the inventors propose to do is very small — only 110-120% of the size of the lips in the closed state.

According to the developers, this will prevent fogging of the transparent surface when breathing of the user and at the same time to leave sufficient space to perform the articulatory movements. A large part of the mask, and ordinary medical, will be made of antimicrobial fabric filter, which protects the media from airborne infections, or Vice versa prevents the spread of viruses from it.

Thus, the inventors assume, will solve the problem of communication between hard of hearing people in the period of mass diseases of viral infections. While the cost of a new kind of masks should not greatly exceed the price of the usual users of medical masks.

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