Solved the murder of athlete Walker, detained a native of Chechnya

Details of murder of athlete-Walker Nikolai Ivanov, stabbed to death in Moscow on 15 September, became known to “MK”. The suspect already detained, he was a native of Chechnya.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to police, the incident occurred in the night of Friday on the street General Kuznetsov was a conflict between the two companies. Six people quarreled with a young man and accompanying him are two girls. In a skirmish one of a large group stabbed a companion of the girls — 23-year-old Walker. Two hours later he died in the hospital.

Yesterday in the evening employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department together with colleagues from ATC SEAD suspect was arrested. It was them 25-the summer native of Chechnya. He admitted that he committed the crime, and the knife thrown into the pond in the area of Marino.

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