State Duma Deputy asks to check “strange” searches blogger, quarreled with Tinkov

The Deputy from LDPR Vasily Vlasov became interested in the conflict of authors YouTube-channel “Nimage” Alexei Pskovian and Mikhail Pecherskiy with Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov. The MP asked the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to understand why the Moscow field investigators needed to personally fly to Kemerovo and to conduct searches of Pskovian in the case of libel, when the same would make them the Kemerovo colleagues.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow field investigators of management “To” Ministry of internal Affairs conducted a search in the apartment of the Kemerovo blogger Pskovian, confiscated his computer, hard disk, phone and camcorder, and then visited his grandma. What exactly investigators were looking for in older women is not known.

After that, the Deputy Vlasov has asked interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to look into this situation. “This fact is a strange one. Why investigative actions carried out by officers from Moscow and not from the Kemerovo region?” reads the request of a member of the liberal democratic party in the name of Kolokoltseva (

State Duma Deputy also drew attention to the words Pskovian, from which it follows that in the apartment of blogger also visited the employees of the security service of “Tinkoff Bank”.

The conflict between the authors YouTube channel “Nimage” and the Russian businessman broke out in early August. Then two popular blogger from Kemerovo has released a mocking-debunking video about “Tinkoff Bank”, which harshly criticized its founder Oleg Tinkov. For the month the video had been viewed more than five million people.

After this “Tinkoff Bank” has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow the claim to Pskovites and caves on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. In addition, Tinkov wrote a statement to the police, and there opened a criminal case under article “Slander”.

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