The former participant of KVN told about the ban jokes about presidents

The former leader of the KVN team “JUICE” Dmitry Kolchin said in a media interview that the players, supposedly, forbidden to joke about heads of state. Journalists in this regard, remembered his story, and about the prohibition to use the song Victoria Tsoi “We want change”. However in a press-service of KVN deny everything.

Dmitry Kolchin in the program for Wanna Banana.

Interview with Kolchin appeared on YouTube on the channel Wanna Banana.

There he told that the authors do not write for players of KVN scenario where there would be jokes about presidents. “When more start charges, no one writes like this room — the meeting of President Putin with the President of Kazakhstan. It will never be broadcast,” said Kolchin.

According to his story, such a policy goes a long way. While Kolchin says that after many years, some jokes are allowed, but they must carry a positive meaning. “After many years started some things appear, but not necessarily complementary, necessarily worship,” Kolchin said.

Kolchin also told that all jokes go through a few editors and filters and every time is solved, can we call a particular name or is it possible to joke on a particular topic.

The TV channel “Rain” I remembered that in February of this year, in an interview Kolchin told how one of the teams were not allowed to use the song Victoria Tsoi “We want change”, although this room was about the dismantling of the balcony. Someone thought that this song expresses dissatisfaction with the government.

After that, the Agency RIA “Novosti”. issued a statement of the press service of KVN in which the statements Kolchin was called stupidity.

“If there were such a ban, then nothing would have happened in television. Stupid” – said in a statement.

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