“The Iranian foreign Minister has accused trump hate and ignorance

– Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote on his page on “Twitter” that the President of the USA of Donald trump at the UN General Assembly filled with “ignorance” and “hatred.”

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“Ignorant, hateful speech trump is related to the medieval times, and not to the Nations of the XXI century, and she (it – if) unworthy of response”, – said the Minister. “False sympathy for the Iranians not fooling anyone”, he added.

Earlier Tuesday, trump speaking at the UN General Assembly, called it shameful for the United States a deal on Iran’s nuclear program. “This is one of the worst deals that the US ever made. We are unable to comply with the agreement, which serves as a cover for the continuous implementation of the nuclear program,” he said.

In addition, trump has called on Iran to stop funding terrorists and to disrupt the peace in the middle East.

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