“The LC promised to find involved in the undermining of the monument in the center of Lugansk

– The self-proclaimed authorities of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) believe that the police will find involved in the undermining of the monument to fallen Marines in the center of Lugansk.

“The five involved in the bombings in Luhansk on 7 July 2017 detained a few days ago. I’m sure today will meet the same fate,” reads the statement of the acting foreign Minister LNR Vladislav Deinega, the text of which publishes Lugansk information center.

Danego noted that “getting Ukrainian DRG this time is over, unfortunately, not to the detention of saboteurs and undermining of the monument to the Marines who gave their lives in the defense of the LC, open 2 Aug 2015 to the 85-th anniversary of the airborne troops.”

“Fortunately, the victims of the explosion there. Only a monument. And perhaps the psyche of the observers of the OSCE, whose office is at a distance of just over 600 metres from the explosion,” – said the acting head of the foreign Ministry of the LC.

A strong explosion occurred in the center of Lugansk on Monday evening. Unknown persons blew up a monument to fallen Marines on the street Defense.

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