The lifter, who was convicted for the death of the daughter of the speaker, not pleaded guilty

The punishment for lifter Alexey Belousov, the fault is in the residential complex “Scarlet Sails” in Strogino the floodplain killed 36-year-old Irina Volodina — the daughter of the speaker of the Central television Evgeniya Kochergina – defined 18 Sep khoroshevskiy district court of Moscow.


As reported “MK”, 14 January 2016 Irina Volodina gets on the Elevator on the 8th floor — she was going for a massage in the fitness club located in the building next to a luxury residential complex. But when the cab came the backlash, at the level of the 7th floor, she shifted and caught on the threshold. Further due to the sudden stop broke all six of the counterweights (weight of each of 50 kg). Weights at a tangent began to fall on the cab, in the end, hit the floor and damaged its walls. Irina managed to press the control panel button of the emergency call, and then fell into the pit.

Experts came to the conclusion that the Elevator, which descended Irina Volodina was faulty — rail motion of the cab was missing bolts on the first floor level.

After investigation of the RTN, it was established that the cause of the fall was the fault of the “control device slack of the hoisting ropes”. When this occurred “the rise of the counterweight with fixed cab”, which then collapsed and fell on the cab. The occurrence of malfunctions caused by the action of staff in charge of the lift. In the opinion of the Commission, staff have not carried out maintenance of the device and in principle does not have the skills to work with lifts of this model.

Guilty the law was considered 29-summer Alexey Belousov, the employee of open company “Liftgarant”. This organization is responsible for lifting economy, “Scarlet sails” and the man worked there for about two years.

Some time before the tragedy, the residents complained about mechanics creaking Elevator cars while driving. Record lift the log in the engine room testified that Belousov last inspected the lift on December 23. I signed, checked his 50 points of safety and carried out Troubleshooting. In fact, it is the inspection of ropes and guides Belousov just restarted the Elevator.

That he just oiled the parts, Belousov confessed on the first interrogation. But then he recanted. The indictment said that from may 2015 to January 2016 it, ignoring duties, improperly carried out maintenance and repair of lift, which resulted in a non-standard work of safety systems.

At the hearing Belousov also said that the incident wasn’t his fault, but a coincidence. The sentence the man was cool with it.

As reported by “MK” in office of public Prosecutor Severo-the Western district, for the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life of consumers, entailed on imprudence death of the person, the court sentenced to Belousov 3 years 6 months in a General regime colony. Materials relating to the employer Belousov has allocated in separate criminal case.

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