The message on the ancient Persian bowl, found near Zaryadye Park

Last summer during excavations at Exchange square archeologist have found the remains of an ancient bronze vessel in which it was possible to read poetry in Farsi. Two months later, the researchers were able to decipher the text on Persian bowl XVI century and find out what line it is about happiness friendly feast.


Archaeologists have found fragments of bowls in a wooden frame at a depth of three meters under the ground. Just remained around 75 per cent of the surface of the vessel, but this scientist turned out to be enough to decipher written on it poems.

Translated into the Russian language of the poem is given on the official portal of the mayor and government of Moscow. It should be noted that the word “Cup” is found in the first and third of the seven lines of the literary work. In General, the poems dedicated to the friendship feast, and they mention a Butler and a singer.

The author of the poem, according to experts, is the Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi, who lived in the XIV century and served as court poet under several different rulers. According to experts, the name Shirazi can be put in one number with names of Omar Khayyam, Nizami, Saadi and other Persian poets.

At the moment, archaeologists continue to examine bowls and are working on a restoration.

The head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Alexey Emelyanov said that the findings, like a Persian bowl, are of great importance. According to Yemelyanov, such items to ensure that Moscow had long possessed all the signs of “metropolis of its time”, combining commercial and cultural interests of people from different countries.

In addition to the bowls, during the works on the program “My street” and the construction of the Zaryadye Park was discovered by a battle axe, a helmet, a fragment of chain mail, as well as coins of time of Ivan the terrible and Vasily Shuisky. Age of the greater part of the finds is more than four centuries.

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