“The U.S. Senate will consider the nomination of Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia

– U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs on Tuesday plans to hold hearings on the nomination of Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia, hearings are scheduled for 10:00 local time (17:00 GMT).

The huntsman grew up in a family of businessman Jon Huntsman Sr., Utah. The future Governor of the state came to the University of Utah, but interrupted the training to go to Taiwan as a Mormon missionary. The American media have noted that there is a huntsman expressed interest in the culture of Asian countries and began to study the Chinese language.

Upon returning to the US, huntsman received the diploma of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in “international politics”. He later worked as a U.S. Ambassador to China and Singapore, and also held the position of Governor of Utah. It is noted that during operation Governor, huntsman was very popular among the population of the state.

Press notes that in the liberal political circles of the USA the candidate for the post of Ambassador to Russia has a reputation as a Republican, often do not support the standard rhetoric of the Republican party particularly immigration and the environment.

The hearings come amid diplomatic differences, the U.S. and Russia. The Russian foreign Ministry called hostile step the actions of the US in respect of the buildings of the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco and sales offices in Washington. The decision on the Russian departmenti was taken by Washington in response to the reduction in the number of employees of diplomatic missions of the USA in Russia.

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