“The winners of the theatrical award “crystal Turandot” became Churikova and Shadrin

Prize winners of the XXVI-th, the first theatrical award “crystal Turandot” became Inna Churikova, Valery Shadrin, the leader in the number of awards became the Vakhtangov theatre. For the valiant service of the theatre, honor and dignity award was given to Director General of the International theatrical festival of Chekhov Valery Shadrin. Inna Churikova was awarded for the best female role – she became Queen Elizabeth II in the play “the Audience” theatre of Nations. The play is also noted for the best costumes in the season (Victoria sevryukova).

“You must admit that it is a lot of hard work – be British monarch and head of the Anglican Church,” he joked Churikova, accepting the award.

For the best male role was awarded to Viktor Rakov (Komaga in the production of “the Oprichnik” in Lenkom).

Sergei Zhenovach, in the opinion of the jury, did the best directorial work (the production of “the Master and Margarita” at the theatre “Studio of theatrical art”).

Best scenography of the past theatrical season, acknowledged the work of Adomas Jacovskis for the play “Oedipus the King” at the theater Vakhtangov. “Oedipus the king” was also named the best performance of the season 2016-2017.

The Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK was the best Director for “the excellent organization of theatrical process”.

The ceremony was held Monday at the Vakhtangov theatre.

The winners of the award in different years were Oleg Tabakov, mark Zakharov, Pyotr Fomenko, Rimas Tuminas, Vladimir Etush, Yevgeny Mironov, Chulpan Khamatova, Sergey Makovetsky and many of the best actors, Directors, artists.

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