“Trump considered a part of the world is on a path to hell

The American President stated that the U.S. “will have to destroy the DPRK, if necessary to defend allies”

The US President Donald Truephoto: AP/TASS

– U.S. President Donald trump, speaking at a session of the UN General Assembly, stated that some parts of the world are on their way to hell, assuming that the UN is powerless to change this situation.

“A significant part of the world is in a state of conflict, and some States do go to hell”, – quotes the words of trump Politico.

He stressed that the powerful people in the meeting room of the UN, can solve many problems that face the world community.

“Terrorists and extremists are gaining strength and extending their influence across the planet. Rogue regimes, represented in this hall, not only support terrorists, but threatened the most destructive weapons in human history, other countries and their own peoples,” said trump.

Separately, trump singled out Iran and North Korea. He called the deal with the Islamic Republic, which concluded its predecessor, Barack Obama, shameful for America.

“This is one of the worst deals that the US ever made. We are unable to comply with the agreement, which serves as a cover for the continuous implementation of the nuclear program,” – said the American leader.

Commenting on the situation around the DPRK, he said that the US showed great restraint and patience, but if Washington will have to defend its allies, he will have no choice but to “completely destroy North Korea.”

“Astronaut (Rocket Man – letters. rocket man. Trump is referring to the DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN) behaves as a suicide,” said trump, noting that he sees North Korea is only one path – the path of nuclear disarmament.

The official representative of the DPRK at the UN left the hall before the performance of trump, who in his speech thanked Russia and China for agreeing to additional sanctions of the UN security Council against the DPRK.

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