Weekend-2018: the Russians finally took spring break

Weekends next year will be someone unpleasant, and for someone — a pleasant surprise. In General, walking the Russians will be 28 days, but there is a significant change. The traditional may holidays that some people like to stretch for a week or two, will be less. And if on may 1, we will walk as much as four days, on the Day of Victory is only one. Unusual.

photo: pixabay.com

In order: new year holidays, the length of which argue, in short will not. 10 days of rest, Saturday December 30, Monday January 8. By the way, the dream of all workers — 2018 work year will start from Tuesday. One heavy Monday less.

February 23 otgulyaem three days, but the eighth of March — four. Three “tourists” to be held on November 4 and June 12. 9 may also go to the parade, and the next day at work. But what about the beds?

The beds will have to defer or postpone, – tells the psychologist Elena Blistova. – Although the force of habit and the weather, most likely, will not tune in a working mood. Our body is already accustomed to that in the first half of each month is a little more output. After a long and APR are may holidays, which many consider an ideal vacation. The brain just calculates forces and inertial already waiting for the rest, after a long winter causes fatigue. Most likely, employees will either still chose to take leave on these days or to relax at your own expense. Peak activity among the workers should not wait. Moreover, after any kind of vacation or holiday it is better not to overwork and to correctly calculate the load. So the chiefs, I wouldn’t count on a breakthrough, and gave the men a rest. If we talk about the Christmas holidays, everything is more complex. On the one hand, most Russians still sitting at home, and how no wonder they say our law enforcement agencies, the number of crimes in this period is increasing. But we’re not ready for a short new year holidays. Again, emotionally, there is a desire to lie on the couch, so I think nothing should be changed: make it long January. But that would have to be cut — so it’s the June weekend. Summer work easier, and many are already looking forward to the holidays. Here the extra days emotionally will not help you to relax.

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