2018 will be the year of mattresses: the arrest of the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service has caused a household revolution

Ten-year agony of the Russian prisoners who couldn’t sleep because of the horrible mattresses came to an end. The Federal penitentiary service of Russia declared all-out replace them. It happened immediately after the Deputy Director of the Department Oleg Korshunov he went to jail and the first thing complained… on the mattress. Is it a coincidence? Hardly. Whatever it was, it clearly happy for all prisoners.

New mattresses have got in the women’s prison №6 detention where detainees can’t get enough: consider them orthopedic. “For the first time in two years in jail, I slept!” — said one of the prisoners, human rights defenders during yesterday’s visit there. While in prison, took the hearts of the prisoners…

All this — our conversation with the Deputy Director FSIN of Russia, Colonel Valery MAKSIMENKO.

photo: Alex geldings

— Valery Aleksandrovich, do this hour is indeed high: all prisoners will replace the terrible and uncomfortable mattresses and beds?

— It is. Let’s start with Moscow. We have already ordered 11.5 thousand mattresses new model for capital prisoners. Some of them even managed to sew in colonies of Tula region. In the women’s jail No. 6 has already brought 900 mattresses, the process of replacing their old one will be completed today or tomorrow. Next will be prison No. 5, where there are minors. Well, until the end of the year in each prison of Moscow there will be new mattresses. As with other regions, the speed of replacement will depend on funding. I hope that 2018 will be the year of new mattresses for all the detainees in all parts of the country.

— What are they?

Is a completely new type, though GOST is not changed. Standard originally provided for, in fact, only the size of a mattress for the prisoners, but the content and execution — no. We gave a task to our colonies, where there is production, to produce prototypes. They did and brought the product here, in FSIN. You will laugh, but I asked that they lay employees of the logistics and other departments. Have tried.

Great idea! Do not have to wait until go to jail, like kites, to experience a problem with the mattresses…

— Anyway, they chose the best option, and we started its production. Inside the mattress is not wool, which thread goes astray, and Hypo-allergenic hollofayber.

— What about beds? Some of them — with such rare bars that there fails any mattress…

Bed now, even inside the same jail — different. In the coming days they will be exploring to understand which are comfortable and which are not. That’s just all awkward to replace.

It looks like a new mattress.

— I am so sorry again arrested Korshunova… But he said that some of the mattresses and beds passed recently by the military. Is this the same?

— Soldier bed we went. They are spring loaded, and it is dangerous as they can pull the iron spring, make it a Shiv or something. And mattresses we use.

Do not think that mattresses we made after his arrest Korshunova. Director FSIN has instructed me a few days before these events. The reason was complaints from human rights defenders (particularly PMC members) and prisoners. I don’t do the rear, but the head of the Agency shall be entitled to assign any task to any Deputy. As soon as he ordered, everything was done within ten days.

— That is, all ten torments of the prisoners could be resolved in ten days?

— The replacement will go again before the end of the year. Why is this not done earlier does not matter to me.

In “Lefortovo” also comes a new mattress?

We decided that the “Lefortovo” should not be an exception — there, too, people sit and they are no worse than others.

Prisoners are complaining more and terrible pillows. They will be replaced?

— This is in the plans, but not for the current year.

— What other nice innovations are waiting for the prisoners?

— September 26 opens mobile hospital Center of cardiovascular surgery of the Academy of medical Sciences im. Bakulev. It will unfold on the basis of the Mozhaisk women’s penal colony. There from across the country will bring their children (born in captivity) and young prisoners with cardiovascular disease. In addition, there will be examination of female prisoners, but not yet all, of the surrounding regions.

Before the New year will be held in the hospital examination and treatment, including operational, the first 100 people.

— Which in this case means “mobile hospital”? How will he look like?

— In fact, it is the road train, consisting of several trailers. There will be labs where you can do any tests and examinations to diagnose and mini operating.

— And why did you choose the Mozhaisk colony?

— There is a children’s home where you can place sick babies. And older children — on the basis of the Mozhaisk children’s colony, which is located nearby. That is to say, ordinary operations are done on the spot. But those patients who need complex operations to, say, open-heart, — their immediate hospitalization in the Bakulev center on Rublevsky highway.

— Why do you do the hearts of the women and children? This is the most sore subject in prison medicine?

— One last year was 80 thousand cases of prisoners complaining of heart. Today, we have more than 30 thousand prisoners with confirmed heart diagnoses. At the same cardiologists in the whole of the Federal penitentiary service — only 22. And no cardio. Why? Because these doctors must be of the highest caliber, and are in jail not in a hurry to go. And we have no cardioversions. And if the other diseases we cope (mortality from tuberculosis, for example, reduced in two times), with the cardiovascular of the success of almost there, and nothing we could do to raise the survival rate from these diseases.

— What about men? Them in the hospital will not accept? They are not less likely to suffer cardiovascular illnesses than women. I saw in jail many prisoners male with heart attacks.

— You need to be realistic — all the prisoners we can not yet help. Let’s start with women and children. And believe me, any real man would give way to them turn to surgery.

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