A neighbor to the grave: the Muscovite was taken to the hospice and then to the cemetery

The housing problem in our country is a national disaster, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Sooner or later you have to admit, it is a pity that her victims this time will be in the next world and will be able to testify only at the last judgment.

But even in a situation of full-scale disaster occur out of the ordinary stories.

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Nina of Piyanzin, born in 1937, lived in a house on the street Chechulina, 4, since moving from his native St. Petersburg, when she was 18 years old. It turns out that she spent in this house almost all his life.

By that time, which will be discussed, Nina has long been a widow and lived alone. She was not, and the relatives were only cousins granddaughter, that is the granddaughter of her sister, Irina Duduchava, born in 1986.

Irina lives in St. Petersburg with her daughter. They were the only relatives Piantini. Communicated mostly by phone two or three times a month, as she was, and then, when she had a child to come to Moscow in a one-bedroom Granny flat, was altogether difficult.

It is necessary to tell that Irina has repeatedly offered Nina Alekseevna to move to the Petersburg apartment, which was left of her niece, mother Irina. But Nina refused, citing the fact that all of her friends and acquaintances live in Moscow.

In 2015, Irina came with her daughter to the grandmother to visit.

In April 2016 it again wanted to come to Moscow, but Nina said that she was unwell and in such a situation, it would be difficult to accommodate in a Studio apartment.

And in the night from 31 December to 1 January 2017, Irene called her grandmother to wish her happy New year, but the phone no one answered.

For three days she tried to call, and then found the Internet home phone, her neighbors, and they said that the last time Nina had a relationship only with Tatiana Georgievna Lausevic, born in 1953, who lives two floors above.

Since the SIM card Nina Alexeyevna was issued to Irene ten years ago, she got the details of telephone connections and found that the last time Nina often talked with Levashevo. January 6, Irina phoned to Tatyana Georgievna, and she said that on New year’s eve she took Nina Alekseevna to the hospice.

Irina froze, and Levasheva explained that in January 2016 at Pienzenau was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and now it was just her time. Now it became clear why in the spring the grandmother did not want to meet with Irina and her daughter, which at that time was only two years old. Of piyanzin life worked as a sports physician and a good understanding of what it expects.

Why she hid from Irene his illness? Perhaps because she had a vicious nature and the fact that she almost spent her life alone, used to solve their problems on their own.

Irina said that only family grandmother wants to know who holds the documents and the keys to the apartment. It Levasheva said that about any relatives she from his longtime girlfriend had never heard of. Irina felt something was wrong, because in the grandmother’s apartment in a conspicuous place hung the photograph of Irina mom and Irina. And if Levasheva do constantly visited the Piyanzin and all of 2016 nursed a sick neighbor, she could not see these pictures.

And then Levasheva reported that in the spring of 2016 of Piyanzin in gratitude for the care wrote her will, left her his apartment.

Irina later learned that a few days prior to placement in a hospice Nina scored on Savusavu power of attorney to dispose of your savings. And 26 December 2016, i.e. three days prior to hospice, Levasheva withdrew Pienzenau more than 200 thousand rubles, and then transferred them to your account. But it turned out later.

Irina Dedushka with Nina Alekseevna Pienzenau in childhood.


The next day, i.e., January 7, Irina arrived in Moscow and immediately went to grandma’s, to the branch of the First Moscow hospice named after V. V. Millionshikova, “Nekrasovka”, on 2nd Volskaya street, 21.

Irina caught her in a very serious condition. However, the grandmother was conscious and the first thing asked Irina to cancel all of the medicine she was given at the hospice, because of them she only got worse.

Irina asked her how she ended up in hospice. Nina was very surprised, as Levasheva told her that taking her to rehab. She said to Irene: “If I knew in advance that I was driven to the hospice, I would never have agreed to go here because here, people die.” As a doctor, she knew what people bring to the hospice. And desperately begged Irina to take her home.

Irina called Levomenol and asked to bring the keys to the apartment and the passport of the grandmother. However Levasheva for some reason refused to talk and hung up. On the same day, i.e. on 7 January, she went to the police station “Ivanovo” with the statement that a criminal investigation into possible fraud with the flat of her grandmother.

Despite numerous requests Piantini, doctors under various pretexts, two days didn’t leave Nina Alekseevna. They explained to Irina that the issue of the statement solves only the main doctor who will come to work only on January 9.

January 8 at hospice came Levasheva, which, according to Irina, actually threw her the keys to the apartment Piantini and said that all other conversations are already in court. The passport by Nina Alekseevna she refused to give, citing the fact that Duduchava I. V. did not convince her in a friendly family relationship with Peninou. The mind boggles: Piyanzin is alive, is conscious, and Levasheva for some reason decided that the chief here and she if she hates Irina, Nina Alekseevna your passport can not see — you never know what absurdity it is to create….

9 Jan Irina finally moved Nina Alekseevna home. Irina said that in the course of transporting the grandmother may die, but Nina strongly insisted on the statement that was highlighted in the epicrisis: “discharged for categorical their own accord.”

After arriving home Irina again called Levomenol with a request to return the passport of the grandmother, and she replied that the passport Pienzenau is a lawyer.

11 Jan Irina Dedushka went to the police with a second statement — this time only about the theft of passports by Nina Alekseevna. This statement on the same day the district police officer A. S. Ivanov issued a ruling on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings, referring to the fact that due to the serious condition Pienzenau to interview her, failed.

It turns out, senior police Lieutenant Ivanov had completely forgotten that on 10 January, prior to he came to the apartment Piantini on application Irina from 7 January. And the question about where her papers and passport, Piyanzin answered that all took Levasheva and gives nothing in return. She told Ivanov that he wants to revoke the will in favor of Levashevo and to change it for my granddaughter, but can’t do it without a passport.

Unbelievable but true: this answer Pienzenau literally fixed in the decree Ivanova about refusal in excitation of criminal case on 13 January 2017.

That is, Ivanov took into consideration that Levasheva somehow does not give the documents Pienzenau Piyanzin and therefore cannot dispose of his property, and knows for what reason came to the conclusion, directly opposed to everything seen and heard:

“Taking into account that there is sufficient evidence of the absence of signs of a crime, decided to refuse excitation of criminal case”.

And Nina died in the evening of 11 January 2017, and before returning the passports and not seeing the wonderful resolution of the precinct Ivanov.


The body of the deceased was taken to the morgue at the hospital No. 15.

12 Jan Irina comes back to pick up grandma’s body and carry it to St. Petersburg for burial in the family plot in the Okhta cemetery. I told her, without a passport Pienzenau it is impossible to issue a death certificate and without this certificate the body will not be given. A passport at Lavumisa!

Irina calls from the mortuary precinct Ivanov to complain about this situation. And he said that everything is fine, soon Levasheva come to the morgue, to present a passport and take the body of Nina Alekseevny.

The plot for a horror movie: the roommate does not give the granddaughter a grandma’s body.

Here’s a snippet of a telephone conversation with Irina Levasheva 13 January 2017, which she recorded on tape and the file is handed over to the investigator:

L. (Levasheva. — O. B.): We will be cremated.

D. (Dedushka. — O. B.): What number?

HP: Tomorrow.

D: Tomorrow? I want the body to St. Petersburg to take, I don’t need to cremate me there’s just all buried.

L.: Well, you know, take the urn, then take.

D: No, I don’t need the urn, I need pozagorat as I have all buried. I just want to bury my grandmother.

L.: Well, you know, it is on this account did not say anything to me.

D: This is my cousin, and I want to bury her body. I don’t need urn, you know?

L.: I’ll call my agent, but I don’t know how she will look at it and whether you can do it.

Okay? Neighbor check with some agent to see if granddaughter give the body of her dead grandmother…

After this conversation, Irina Dedushka went to a law office and asked me to help her to prevent the cremation. She was shocked and didn’t know what to do because neither the police nor the medics tried to help her and it was clear that all reason runs Levasheva.

All night from 13 to 14 January Irina together with the lawyer went to Moscow, first in the hospital to the administration, then to the morgue, then to the police at the place of residence of Levashevo, then to the police at the location of the hospital and finally in the morning — in the Main investigatory management across Moscow.

The police at the location of the hospital on duty sent Irina together with the lawyer in a parked two blocks away from the police car. I remind you: it was well after midnight.

Imagine the scene. In the unmarked car sits a gentleman in civilian clothes and offers to sit down to talk. Before that, he figured out a long time whether his interlocutors recorder. And only after confirming that the recording of the conversation is not conducted, said that is a police officer and is willing to listen to them. The lawyer explained that the morgue is an urgent need to bring the paper from the police to avoid issuing body Pienzenau stranger. What the mysterious stranger said that he doesn’t understand what his interest in all this.

Having such a comprehensive answer, Irina lawyer realized they got the wrong address — surely this person is a law enforcement officer? Something is clearly reminiscent of the meeting with the scammer…

And they went to the Arbat, in GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow.

The statement of Dedushkoy was sent to SU for the Eastern district of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow.

A few hours later after that, Irina and her lawyer went to the morgue at the hospital No. 15 and took up defensive positions, to prevent the unauthorized Lavumisa to pick up the body grandmother Irene.

At ten o’clock in the morning the lawyer attempted to explain to the Deputy chief physician of the hospital that the morgue does not have the right to give the body of the dead Pienzenau stranger, Tatiana Lavumisa, since it is already the third day, the threshold of the morgue studs her only relative.

The lawyer said that the body of the deceased is given to the person who brings the death certificate. While this testimony may obtain only one who presented a passport. And once Levasheva bore witness, in accordance with the internal instructions will be issued to her body. And about any suspension of the question.

Irina was the guest of Nina Alekseevny.


In our country, all the issues related to burial, are regulated by the Federal law “About burial and funeral business”. According to the 5th and 6th articles of this law to settle all questions connected with the funeral are the following persons: spouse, close relatives (children, parents, brothers and sisters, grandchildren, grandparents), other relatives or legal representatives. And only if there is no near or distant relatives this right arises from other people, such as friends or neighbors.

However, if you believe the administration of the hospital No. 15, in fact, this rule does not apply because the issuance of a body is only important required documents. And who brought these documents, no one cares. And no one ever asks the question about where a stranger took the passport, and then the death certificate. Where necessary, come down from there.

In our case, the situation quickly intervened, Deputy head of the investigation Department for the Eastern district of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow the Colonel of justice D. M. Ermolenko. January 14, early Saturday morning, he came to the office, interviewed Irina Dedushkoy and immediately sent to the morgue request for the suspension of the issuance of a body Piantini.

Fifteen minutes before the issuance of a body Pienzenau her inconsolable neighbor Levashevo this requirement came to the hospital. And Savusavu invited to SU for explanations.

From these explanations it follows that Levasheva based on the direction of the attending physician Pienzenau agreed with the hospice doctors that she was bringing Nina Alekseevna. However, the direction in the case file is missing, and the doctor who supposedly issued it, was not questioned.

The investigator of SU is not questioned, and the notary who drew up the will Pienzenau in favor of Levashevo. And then there are some interesting details.

First Levasheva told the investigator that they, together with Pienzenau March 1, went to the nearest notary to make a will in favor of Levashevo. And it was drawn up in the notary office.

Levasheva subsequently changed her testimony and explained that they, along with Pienzenau caused the notary’s house, because on March 1, Nina felt bad. And in this day of notary Vaccine came to her home and identified the a will in favor of Levashevo.

Later, however, the notary has explained to the lawyer that the will was drawn up in the apartment Piantini on the basis of a written application Pienzenau N.. on February 29, 2016, in which it requested the notary to come to her house the next day to make it.

It seems this statement was filed personally by Nina Alekseevna Pienzenau to the notary’s office on may day street.

And it turns out that on February 29 of Piyanzin she came to the notary’s office and instead make it a will have seen the future, I realized that tomorrow she’ll feel bad, and asked the notary the next day to come to her house.

However, instead of paying attention to the obvious inconsistencies and contradictions in the main question, the investigator for no reason came to the conclusion that “the behavior of Dedushkoy after arriving in Moscow on 7 January 2017 was aimed solely at trying to change the will Piantini on the disposition of his apartment.”

The investigator believes that the malice of Didaskaloi is supported by the rapid discharge of the grandmother out of hospice and try to call the notary on the house for the abolition of the will.

However, even Levasheva said that the Piyanzin, having learned where she is, pressed to discharge her home. This was confirmed by the hospice doctors.

And the investigator didn’t pay any attention to the fact that the Piyanzin she wished to revoke the will, but are unable to do so only because Lausevic, who refused to give up her passport. And for some reason he has not worked the seemingly obvious version: Piyanzin could be offended by Savusavu for putting her in hospice and especially for the daring refusal to return a passport to a living person, and Levasheva, knowing this, did everything to avoid this.


22 Mar 2017 senior investigator on the Transfiguration of the investigative Department A. A. Vaganov gave Irina Dedushkoy permission for the burial of the grandmother without the right of cremation (in case the results of the investigative audit will be reviewed and it turns out that the Piyanzin did not die a natural death).

However, Irina could not immediately pick up the body grandmother and bury her in the family plot because of the incredible cost of this event. In this regard, she asked the investigator to set a period of three months to preserve the body in the morgue, so she was able to find the money.

The investigator issued a resolution on April 16 and noted that Irina has until 16 July 2017.

However, on 17 may, the same investigator A. A. Vaganov authorized the granting body Pienzenau her beloved neighbor Lavumisa, stating that “until now, Dedushaj I. V., which is the only relative Pienzenau N. A. measures for the disposal not taken”.

Irina really wanted to remind the investigator that he had given her a reprieve, but the letter of the investigator from April 16 for some reason in the case file were not included. It is Irina, but now it doesn’t matter. As explained by Irina in the morgue, Levasheva took the body Piantini at the end of may.

And in a criminal case for fraud with the apartment A. Vaganov on April 24, refused from-for absence in actions of Levashevo crime.

The ruling of the senior investigator Vaganova was quashed by the Prosecutor on the complaint of the lawyer. Check the circumstances of the case resumed, and to conduct this test is entrusted to the same hard-working investigator Vaganova.

Irina Dedushka a month ago, said his withdrawal, however, the response from the management of investigative management of HLW is still there.

On 11 September, her attorney called Tatiana Lavumisa to know where buried Piyanzin. The answer I heard: Tatyana Georgievna said that it is very busy and can’t remember exactly. Like to drive on highway of Enthusiasts either to Dobrolyubova, whether to Balashikha…


So, if we dispense with legal laces and obscure words and expressions, the bottom has:

A neighbor on the porch So Levasheva in violation of the law took away in the unknown direction and buried the body of the dead Piantini, and her only relative, can not figure out where the grave of the grandmother.

Senior Lieutenant A. Ivanov, after hearing from a dying N.Pienzenau that she wants to change his will in favor of the granddaughter I. Dedushaj, but is unable to do so because a neighbor took possession of her papers, comes to the amazing imagination conclusion: signs of crime and to initiate the case there is no need.

The investigator A. A. Vaganov allowed an outsider Lavumisa to bury the body N.Piantini and without addressing the glaring contradictions in the testimony, refused to initiate criminal proceedings. And verification of the circumstances of this mandate to hold it.

You see, the neighbor did not want to give the body of the dead relative, which it is not liked, and treated him at their own discretion. Called came, rails is no more, release the car. And it happened not on exotic Islands, where not so long ago in fashion, it was the cannibalism — it happened in Moscow.

With regard to Mr. Ivanov, can not help but ask a question. I in any case do not allow that the senior Lieutenant has received from Levashevo a jar of jam and a box of cookies in gratitude, ruled in her favor. But then I’d have to agree that the conclusion is directly opposed to the materials testing, it seems logical to me and does not cause the feeling of strangeness of what is happening — but it is not. And why the law protects the rights of Mr. Ivanov, and human rights to basic questions — no?

The investigator A. Vaganov refuses to prosecute fraud Piantini apartment of the deceased, a relative of the deceased is trying to prove that a crime is in progress, and to check its arguments assigned already adopted a negative decision Vaganova.

The mind refuses to accept the absurdity of what is happening. However, everything just goes on.

Optimists say that such stories occur because a consequence of have lost the basic skills. You know, the kids close their eyes and think that they are not seen — really cute?

In fact, we sell, buy, steal, or at best just thrown in the trash because we, human beings, are nothing. And the apartment is huge capital.

And something tells me that Irina Dedushka long does not know where her grandmother is buried, because it is decided by a neighbor Levasheva. And, therefore, a small consolation prize, that is the apartment of the deceased, should go to the neighbor. Logical?

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