Former spouse Ilze Liepa sued the right to see more of your daughter

Often you can see your daughter can former spouse of the ballerina Ilze Liepa. Presnensky court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of businessman Vladislav Paulus.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Even several years after divorce 53-year-old people’s artist of Russia Ilze Liepa and her ex-husband Vladislav Paulus remain in tension. Former spouses can’t find common language because of my daughter Nadia. Seven-year-old lives with his mom and dad can visit a few times a month, and then, according to Paulus, the successor of the famous Maris Liepa mends his obstacles to meet the child. This situation does not suit man. So he decided to defend his right to be a caring father by Themis. He asked to change the schedule of visits of Hope. “I need to change the order of communication with the daughter, I would like to see her more often”, — explained his position the plaintiff.

At the same time, Ilse herself in an interview, made unflattering remarks about the ex-husband. Dancer has accused Vladislav drunkenness and harassment. According to her, “Paulus finished bad man with all the ensuing consequences”. Oh, and for the inner circle of the actress of her long conflict with a former loved one is not a mystery.

For Ilse, this is a very painful subject. Paulus brought her a lot of grief. Recently, she wanted to go with her daughter abroad, but Vladislav didn’t give her permission, had to go to court, — has told “MK” a friend of a ballerina.

In the end, the Presnensky court of Moscow fully satisfied the claim of Paulus. Now he will be able to spend more time with his daughter.

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