“In Belgorod people evacuated from shopping centres after the call anonymous

– Witnesses on Tuesday evening reported the evacuation of staff and visitors of three shopping centers in Belgorod because of a bomb threat.

As explained “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies, have received anonymous calls about the tab at least seven explosive devices in shopping centers of the city.

“The explosive devices allegedly inherent in the SEC “city Mall Belgorod”, Department store “Belgorod”, the restaurant “Milan”, the cinema “Rusich” and also in the market of “solar” and hotels “Aurora” and “Art-hotel”” – said the Agency interlocutor.

“All working dogs, put a cordon, that is, applies the standard set of responses. Everything is checked very carefully, it’s not one hour,” he said.

According to eyewitnesses, shopping center “city Mall Belgorod” and “Slavic” and Department store “Belgorod” are evacuated, visitors appear and sellers, removed the cars from the adjacent Parking lots, around buildings is a cordon of security officers, arrived special.

In a press-service UMVD across the Belgorod region information concerning the evacuation, not comment.

Calls of “mining” of public places being in the major cities of Russia from September 10. Yet none of the cases the signals laid the explosives was not confirmed.

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