It is scientifically proven that sleep is more important than to earn a lot

At first glance it seems that a lot of people would agree to sleep a little less, if their income as a result of increased one-half. In reality, however, such a decision would make a person less happy. In any case, this is evidenced by a recent survey conducted by experts from Oxford and the British National centre for social research.


The survey was conducted for the purpose of preparing the welfare index of the British. Specialists learned various information about the respondents and asked them a series of questions to “assess” the degree of their happiness in the numerical expression. Just social the study involved 8 to 250 people, each of which responded to 60 questions.

As it turned out, a 50% increase in income “corresponds to” improving the welfare of only 0.5 points, while a good sleep on average, “provided” people 3.8.

At the same time, a guaranteed workplace, according to a survey represented one of the most significant aspects in order to feel happy. Other important indicators were satisfaction with family life and a sense of belonging to their social group.

In the future, a similar survey will be scheduled every six months.

Last year, another group of researchers came to the conclusion that in the long term, increased income does not make people happier — wage growth, as a rule, only briefly increases the level of life satisfaction, after which it returns to previous parameter. With lower incomes fared differently — many people actually become less happy if their salary was less. Experts tend to explain this by the fact that in developed countries people, for the most part, put the stability of income above its value in absolute terms, and from this point of view, the lower income is a more significant phenomenon than its growth.

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