Kobzon thanked Putin for the opportunity “to see one in person.”

This gift was for the people’s artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon appearance at his concert in the State Kremlin Palace, which is at this moment, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Putin said in the address of the legends of the local scene Joseph Davidovich Kobzon, who in this watch holds its benefit in honor of the 80th anniversary, the warmest words. “I have already congratulated you about this, many of you know, with warmth in her voice as the President said, – but I couldn’t not come and see this room and this legendary man”.

Joseph Kobzon did not hide how he touched by this mark of attention. He sang in honor of the President a song about Russia and thanked him for “the opportunity given to him and his family again to see Putin in the flesh”.

The audience welcomed the appearance of Putin and Kobzon on stage standing, and their mutual warm words were greeted by applause. Concert partyrama scene is accompanied by the Presidential orchestra of Russia under control of Pavel Ovsyannikov, it is expected that it will last more than six hours.

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