Listen to bill about another way of taking money from culture

Today the State Duma will hold parliamentary hearings on the draft law on so-called “social order”. Sounds neeffektno: some sort of social order, and attention drawn to it is huge, brutal fight is expected. Hearings will be held with the participation of the government and the presidential Administration. And here the rare case when the Ministry of culture, Committee for culture of the state Duma, all the cultural and mainly the theatre community in the same boat together rowing to the same shore. That’s right — the rescue of drowning, as he wrote the classics of Soviet satire, the handiwork of drowning. In any case, the chance to go to the bottom too large.

photo: Marat Abulhasan

The bill itself, born in the bowels of the Ministry of Finance, has merit and is dictated by concern for the preservation of public money, the development of the social sphere. In what way? It is quite reasonable to shift the care of the social sphere (and it applies to everyone) with the state of the shoulders as you can to a greater extent on private, thereby giving an additional incentive for business development, mostly small. Who is against? No. No abstentions. Then what is it? But the fact that the draft Federal law “On the state (municipal) order for rendering of state (municipal) services in the social sphere” involves nothing less than to record the culture and the social sphere. And now attention — a bad dream.

The Bolshoi theatre determined to stage a production of “Nureyev,” and Vakhtangov theatre — “Three sisters”. I’m not talking about some provincial, in the Russian province theatre that lives and survives, he gets to play “Three little pigs” for children of the city. Included in the plan of the season, made the estimate, but the broad fiscal space appears non-profit organization (NPO) or an individual entrepreneur (SP), which is 10 percent of the budget money that needs to theaters, also set out to aim a blow at the “Nureyev”, Chekhov’s “Sisters”, well, what’s trifles, “the Three little pigs”.

Clarify: not all of the annual subsidy of the theatre, but only 10% of it. But it will be enough to break into the market and promise solemnly that the above-mentioned performances can be done for 5 million and 500 thousand. Why not? You can for 50. Not to put artists in a historical or modern costumes, to do without decorative frills, not trendy or just invite talented Directors — most importantly, enter the competition and to bring down the price.

And it will affect not only theatres, but also all other cultural institutions, including theatrical, musical and artistic institutions. The last — very poor: they have 10% to begin with, and in General the entire budget can be put out to tender. Want to teach students in drama, as in Schukinskaya school, the Russian University of Theatre arts or the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, are welcome to apply. When talking about this bill, all involved in culture who work in this area strongly protested. And not only that, since the adoption of the law, they will not receive the 10% (two years after the adoption of the law and even more — at the founder’s discretion). But it seems that everyone except the Finance Ministry, you know what terrible consequences it will turn tomorrow.

“MK” asked the authoritative experts.

Kirill KROK, Director of the theater. Vakhtangov:

— Neither theatres nor museums can’t compete with the IPS and LLC for several reasons. First, we have a different tax base — our a lot more than the PI, all public theatres are saddled with huge property complex, which should include, staffing. What kind of equal competition in access to this market of private firms and individual entrepreneurs may be involved? Why do it? To bury a culture as a basis in our country? This is the real sabotage, which still concealed the words of the President about the need to prevent the social market private organizations.

I’m not talking about the Federal agencies view the regional city theaters, where the monstrous underfunding, where do not give money to the statutory activities — at the staging of performances, only 70% of utilities, and salaries — miserable. And cultural institutions are unable to implement the may decree of the President about increase of the average monthly wage. And while the Finance Ministry is trying to push a law that will finally bury the whole culture under the rubble.

Maria Revyakina, Director of the Theatre of Nations:

— The Ministry of Finance does not do it the first time. The law on government (1997) there is a clear distinction: where the government has social services, where the culture; they are not closed, so that there is a violation of the law. The social sphere is worthy of the pension system, poverty relief, health care and so on. And culture shapes the human capital, it is the Foundation of society. Is the humanitarian sector, extended in time. When we wrote to the Ministry of Finance that the action of this law does not apply to relations arising from the provision of social services in the sphere of culture and arts, the Ministry of Finance contrived and tried to stick us in the bill the words “leisure and recreation”. And they’re also part of the culture — then there is pure chicanery.

Officials do not understand the specifics of culture. Here is an example: at a meeting of the Finance Ministry and I said, if someone wants to put the play “Fathers and sons” as you prescribe the conditions of competition? The age of the fathers put the age of the children? It is impossible even to prescribe. And I was told that a Governor or mayor wants to stage a play about the great Patriotic war and expose it for the contest. But what prevents to provide a grant to put this show? Why do you want to display on the contest Tuminas, Mighty? Why do they have to compete with whom is unclear? In addition, I want to remind you that non-profit organizations that are supposed to go on together with the state theatres, the already allocated money — 100 billion rubles allocated.

Vladimir urin, the General Director of the Bolshoi theatre:

— I have nothing against this law have not. It has a very good beginning to the social services market connects small business. But it does not apply to culture and the arts — and that’s all. This is a very dangerous story. You can imagine the number of non-profit organizations will rush to the suggestions that will appear in the field of culture at the expense of budget money. And I note, and the subsidy that the government allocates to cultural institutions. I, as the Director of the Bolshoi theatre, and could for this reason not to worry — a Big differently funded than others. But we are not talking about Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters, and on Russian it is very much at the mercy of the local authorities, and this law is a perfect chance for local officials to cut down the financing of culture due to the budget. I think the question should be solved in a fundamentally different way — display the culture of the social sphere. It is culture and Law culture said on state obligations in front of her. Why does she have somewhere to refer to?

Dmitry Bertman, artistic Director of “Helikon-Opera”:

— I imagine that in the framework of the state order of some comrade of government Orders shall apply to the production of the Opera “Aida” Verdi or “October” Muradeli and declares that for the year will play 300 performances, while the “Helikon” of only 250. He receives funding from the money that could come to us — we really produced and produced plays. You know, culture is a characteristic of a nation, what remains in memory about the time. In principle, culture and the arts should become the national idea, especially in Russia, which is the image-maker of world culture. And it is the most important, nesanctionata and respected part of our country.

Grigory Zaslavsky, the rector of GITIS:

With the advent of this bill in the theatre as in other art education, this is far worse than in theatres or museums. We are talking about placing in the contest are not 10% of the budget, and all of the given assignment. And then will be decided, who better to teach you how to play the viola — Yuri Bashmet for 300 thousand rubles a year or OOO “Romashka” for 50 thousand. We now have the annual subsidy amounts to 170 million, so that we can go to the contest 2019 if the bill is approved. The worst thing is that people — in this case the Ministry of Finance can destroy the education system, not having this goal, not realizing that destroying the unique system. And the adoption of this law in the first place will lead to the creation of one-day firms, which will apply to us.

Theatre education is very expensive: in the field a thousand students of the 448 teachers, and no private University will never be able to pull such expenses. We have complicated the learning process, when the hands passed the skill and knowledge. Anecdotal case occurred in the spring, when the representative of Rosobrnadzor, he was attestative the Shchukin school was a lesson in artistic expression that held people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy. With him in the classroom was only one student. “Where are the others?” — asked the official. He could not imagine that the people’s artist deals with student one-on-one; but such is the education system.

Andrey Vorobiev, Director of theatre “Peter Fomenko’s Workshop”:

— Nothing wrong to distribute funds to non-profit organizations, no, but it must be other means, not to alienate them from repertory theatres, because repertory theatres have high costs to exist, and the law does not take into account.

So today will be held in the State Duma parliamentary hearings on the draft law on “social order”. What are the chances that it will fail?

— There is always a chance, — said Vladimir urin. — Nobody believed that the staged costs of the theatres can be deduced from the operation of the first of ‘ 93, and then the 44th Federal law. Nevertheless, we did it, proved, and today is all about new productions, is derived from under these monstrous laws. I very much hope that we’ll succeed. Certain officials have sometimes the feeling that the Russian culture zhiruet, has incredible salaries is not true. Especially in Russia.

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