Missing in 2014, the Russian actress found dead

In Sverdlovsk region the case of the mysterious disappearance of the actress of the Ekaterinburg theatre “Volhonka” Elena Shakhova, who went missing three years ago. In the woods near Krasnouralsk has been found of her remains.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As the portal E1, in the forest were found the remains of a woman, by sight 45-50 years, height of about 160-165 centimeters, an average Constitution, hair light grey hair.

According to preliminary data, the death Shakhova was not violent, at least on the remains found no damage.

The woman disappeared three years ago under strange circumstances. It is known that it has exchanged his one on room and took quite a burden for a loan.

The last time the actress has been in contact with his relative living in Moscow. She wrote a TEXT in which he said that solves some problems and asked me not to worry.

In this case the relatives of the deceased doubt that the message was sent to her.

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