“More than 40 people became the victims of the earthquake in Mexico

In Mexico city collapsed dozens of buildings, under the rubble may be people

The consequences of the earthquake in Mexicoto: Reuters

– At least 44 people were killed in the earthquake in the state of Puebla in southern Mexico, said on Tuesday the Agency Associated Press

According to him, under the rubble of the fallen buildings there are people. The mayor of Mexico city Miguel angel Mancera said that the city has collapsed about ten buildings, but details to be confirmed and this number may soon grow.

I have no words. Another earthquake, what is happening man? Pray for mexico 🙏🏼😞 pic.twitter.com/jc88r0CM3l

— Israel Lopez (@Israel___Lopez) 19 Sep 2017

With many buildings during the earthquake on bridge collapses veneer collapsed Church steeples.

#Earthquake in #Mexico, 7.1
My cousin shared these videos. pic.twitter.com/hD81ai2J58

— Jazmin Medrano (@fjazminmed) 19 Sep 2017

International airport Benito Juarez in Mexico city suspended their work. Emergency services inspect how serious the damage inflicted tremors. About when to resume flights, not reported.

Traffic in Mexico city is paralyzed, as people, fearing further destruction, massively took to the streets. Many cars were crushed by the rubble.

Awful photos coming out of Mexico City. Sending good thoughts to the beautiful, resilient city where I grew up. https://t.co/W954hveRI2 pic.twitter.com/AtrLl8eSgc

— Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) 19 Sep 2017

Emergency services are asking people not to smoke on the streets and indoors because of possible gas leaks. Witnesses also reported the explosion, which occurred in Mexico city slice after the push.

An earthquake of magnitude of 7.1 occurred in the South of Mexico. The epicenter was located 49 kilometers southwest of Puebla de Zaragoza. Strong tremors were also felt in Mexico city, which is 120 km from the earthquake epicenter.

Media noted that a few hours before the push to Mexico city exercises were held to prepare for the disaster.

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