Navalny has lost another court, but “Saturn” will not touch

The court once again ordered opposition leader Alexei Navalny to remove from the network the fragments of the film “He’s not Dimon” revealing, according to its creators, the corruption schemes in which took part the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This time the court satisfied the claim of Fund “Soccerproject” which is mentioned in the film. But to achieve the disappearance of videos from the web to the plaintiffs, apparently, again failed.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In its investigation Navalny claims that the Fund of support of socially important state projects “Cargospace” is only the nominal owner of the “Palace on the Rublevka” is located on a plot of 12 hectares in the suburban Znamenka. In fact, he presented Medvedev billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

Shortly after the release of the film, which provoked major anti-government rally, Usmanov has filed for Navalny in court. He demanded to recognize discrediting his honor and dignity to the approval of the Bulk, expressed in the film. We are talking about the episodes in which it is stated that he gave a bribe to Medvedev “by donations of land in Znamenskoe the sotsgosproyekt Foundation”, and also about the censorship he owns Kommersant and his criminal past.

Then Usmanov process won, but the court order about removing fragments of the record has not been fulfilled. The wording played into the hands of the opposition. After all, it was only about how to remove “movies” and not all of it entirely. And to do it on YouTube is technically impossible. At the same time, Roskomnadzor may demand from the service, who posted the video, to delete it. In this case we are talking about YouTube, but its leadership still takes these decisions reluctantly and selectively. Besides, often it is limited to blocking IP addresses, and the video remains available for viewing.

Cargospace headed by Medvedev classmate Aleksey Chetvertkova, categorically denied in court allegations that served as “cover” for the bribes received by the Prime Minister from Usmanov.

The representative of the Fund stated that its objective is “the implementation of socially useful functions he is faithfully fulfilling its statutory purpose.” Navalny claimed that no charitable activities the Foundation does not.

“How charitable you are?”, – the lawyer asked Ivan Zhdanov.

“Charity is not a show – laid siege to his lawyer Fund Dmitry Malbin. The Fund has helped children’s hospitals, and boarding houses, and publish books there… about College basketball, on the anniversary of the city in Anapa, he helped the public organization of veterans of airborne troops…”

Second, Navalny’s lawyer, Vyacheslav Gimadi asked “to bring, at least, to show a book on basketball,” but his request is not responded.

Sounded the answer to the question of how to comply with the purposes of the Fund owning a huge mansion on the ruble, saunas, garages and swimming pools. Rather, formally stated: “the Statutory purposes of responding”.

In the end, the court again decided to “delete all videos”.

“It is technically impossible, and to remove the clip entirely, of course, no one will”, – said after the meeting the decision of the court of Zhdanov.

By the way, as in the case of a process initiated by Usmanov, lawyers Navalny sought to call as a witness the main character of this story – the Dmitry Medvedev. But the court them again somehow denied.

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