“Nearly 150 people were killed in the earthquake in Mexico

In Mexico city destroyed more than 40 buildings

The consequences of the earthquake in Mexicoto: Reuters

– The death toll in the earthquake in Mexico has risen to 149 people, reports on Tuesday Agency Associated Press.

The mayor of Mexico Miguel angel Mancera reported that in the capital killed at least 30 people. 54 were victims of the quake in the state of Morelos, at least 11 people were killed in the state of Puebla, nine – in the state of Mexico.

According to the latest data, the capital has fallen 44 buildings, many of them in densely populated areas. Rescuers and volunteers are looking for people who may be under the rubble. The city declared the silence regime in order to under the rubble could submit life signs.

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Chile, Killing Dozens – The New York Times https://t.co/1WvvYAwSyS pic.twitter.com/yjrhmjug5X

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Earlier it was reported about 94 victims, and this number is constantly growing.

Earthquakes with magnitude of 7.1 was recorded in 49 km South-West of the city of Puebla de Zaragoza in less than two weeks after another earthquake in southern Mexico have claimed the lives of almost 100 people. It is noted that this attack occurred exactly 32 years after the devastating earthquake in Mexico that occurred on 19 September 1985 and resulted in the death of 10 thousand people.

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