Seismologists: the SUPERVOLCANO that destroyed the Neanderthals, now threatens humanity

Under the Phlegraean fields is a volcanic Caldera located in Italy near Naples discovered the so-called “hot zone.” It is a potential source of magma located beneath the city of Pozzuoli at a depth of about four kilometers. According to researchers, if magma really there comes, it may indicate an impending eruption of the volcano.


The last eruption at the Phlegraean fields occurred in 1538 and lasted from 29 September to 6 October. Since the volcano is “dormant” and the latter “external” manifestation of certain processes in its depths were small tremors in the 1980-ies. Experts admit that modern methods do not allow to predict the date of the next SUPERVOLCANO eruption with acceptable accuracy. However, the detected hot zone suggests that the eruption, it could happen pretty soon.

We will remind, recently the specialists of the American space Agency NASA, called the eruption of the volcano is the most serious threat to mankind, more dangerous than, for example, the fall of a giant asteroid or the beginning of Third world war. According to the specialist, if any of the volcanoes Wake up, it will lead to the defeat of all living things within a radius of 150 kilometers, and the dust and gas that envelops the planet, will lead to attack on the Ground some semblance of “nuclear winter”.

By the way, that the eruption of the volcano under the Phlegraean fields, according to quite popular among the scientists of version in the past could be a key reason for the disappearance from the Earth of the Neanderthals. The eruption is supposed to have occurred about 40 thousand years ago and almost coincided with the eruption of volcanoes Kazbek in the Caucasus and Saint Anne in the Southern Carpathians, which led to the cold across the planet on average by 5-10 degrees Celsius due to pollution of the atmosphere with ash.

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