“Tereschenko signed a new contract with the Moscow “Dynamo”

Moscow “Dynamo” has announced the signing of a new agreement with the striker of the team Alexei Tereshchenko.

For which term – on the club’s website where the information is not reported.

Last season Tereshchenko held in the Dynamo 40 games, scored 24 (6+18 in the system “goal+pass”) points when the utility indicator (+6), was captain of the team.

Just on account of Tereshchenko in the Continental hockey League (KHL) matches 510 270 (110+160) points and the utility indicator (+109)

At the end of last season, the striker was seriously injured and after a long recovery has signed a new contract with the team.

This summer, when Dynamo found themselves in a difficult financial situation, changing legal status, Tereshchenko was among the players who have received the status of a free agent. However, he remained in the club structure.

Earlier, the captain of the team Alexey Tereshchenko said that players, coaches, service personnel of the club for three months not been paid for.

Alexei Tereschenko signed a contract with HC Dynamo and ready to go on the ice in the next game:https://t.co/XrYxncp9lj#Mycinema pic.twitter.com/8nQtxUgTcz

— HC Dynamo Moscow (@dynamo_ru) 19 Sep 2017

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