The author of the Kalashnikov monument of Salavat Shcherbakova accused of plagiarism

Blogger and macquoid Sergey Shchegolev published in “Live journal” entry, in which he accused the sculptor of Salavat Shcherbakova plagiarism. Scherbakov was in the center of a scandal after the discovery in the form of another monument — designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, caused a sharp rejection of the city’s residents. In this regard, attention was paid to his old job.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to Shchegolev, in 2013, in Large Haritonyevskiy alley within the limits of festival “the Best city in the world” artists from the team Zuk Club’s sketch Shcherbakov was established graffiti “Old town”. It, however, was largely a copy of the same picture 2006 in Jerusalem.

The photographs of two graffiti driven Shchegolev, concomitantly parts of the figures, their compositions and poses of individual characters.

Zuk Club head Sergei Oushakin confirmed to our newspaper that we are talking about plagiarism, stressing, however, that his team worked on the given Shcherbakov sketch and learned about it again almost immediately after finishing the work commissioned for the festival by the government of Moscow.

Recall that, in addition to the statue of Kalashnikov, Scherbakov is the author of the monument to Prince Vladimir on the Borovitskaya square in Moscow, also in the capital he created the monument to Patriarch Hermogenes, Alexander the First, Pyotr Stolypin, Sergei Korolev, etc. Shcherbakov called a new “court sculptor”, replaced Zurab Tsereteli.

In response to criticism of the monument to Kalashnikov, made in particular from Andrey Makarevich, Dmitry Gudkov and Marat Gelman, Shcherbakov said that the laymen do not need to “climb” into the sculpture, and many like his work. The rejection of the statue of Kalashnikov was called up for the fact that the site was considered “enhanced soldier”, and that in the center of Moscow appeared the image of a man with a gun.

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