The battle with the ideology of terrorism and extremism sent students and officials

In combat the infiltration of the youth ideology of terrorism and extremism actively involve students; methods of combating this scourge will equip teachers and employees of municipalities; and to seek “bad” Internet sites with their further surrender to the law enforcement authorities will invite not only social movements, but activists-individuals. All these measures against the modern evils of the world No. 1 proposed national forum on counteraction of ideology of terrorism and extremism among students, held in people’s friendship University on September 19.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On the one hand, “the violent suppression of terrorism has given the result, — assured the first Deputy head of the National antiterrorism Committee (NAC) Igor Kulagin. Over the last five years the number of offences of this orientation was reduced by more than 10 times. But in the country there was a system of counteraction to distribution of ideology of terrorism and extremism with targeted support for children at particular risk or has already fallen under the influence of this ideology.” On special control, as it turned out, put about 8 thousand individuals in need in that account. However, the reason to celebrate we have: “Attempts to recruit young people of various terrorist and extremist organizations has not waned, primarily via the Internet”, — declared Kulagin. So, it is urgent to do something. But what?

The NAC considered that “to prevent the involvement of their friends in the network of radicals should be involved in students”. For example, through the monitoring of the Internet to identify extremist websites following the transfer of the information to law enforcement agencies. While work in this area in the NAC invite not only public organizations like the “League of safe Internet” or developing more violent activity “Kiberdruzhiny don”, but just active young people.

“Active” will be employees of the state and local authorities. Them, according to the NAC, “it is necessary to find individual approach to every young person who is under the influence of radicals or just appeared in a difficult life situation.” And the officials will learn this wisdom universities: they began to read the courses.

Moves to fight the ideology of terrorism and culture, promised first Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov. Her weapon is the emphasis on traditional values: priority of the spiritual over the material, creative work, service to society, collectivism and historical unity of the peoples of Russia. On these values, a memorial to many of the Moral code of the Builder of communism, and should, according to the Deputy Minister, “to build cultural and educational work of the state at all levels of the education system to the television.” In this state any activities that are contrary to these postulates, whether in the sphere of culture, education or communication, in the Ministry of culture strictly so called unacceptable, that you begin to suspect not hence the growing foot problems of the movie “Matilda”?

In Moscow, as it turned out, their recipes of struggle against penetration into the school environment the ideology of terrorism and extremism — to equip the necessary knowledge of the teacher. “Inept prevention is much worse than direct propaganda,” he formulated the essence of the approach of the Deputy Minister of education Igor Pavlov, and it is difficult not to agree. There are other ideas. However, the most reliable way of dealing with followers of terrorists, as it turned out during the course of the forum, is a good old technical means.

Six years ago on the territory of our campus arrested this terrorists, — told the participants of the forum the rector of PFUR Vladimir Filippov. — He settled in the hostel, had a huge suitcase of explosives, and as a destructive element bought a bucket of nails. But when the attack was already almost prepared, it tied right in the underpass. To detect it has helped developed a video surveillance system on campus, and operatives were controlling his every step.

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