“The company Sikharulidze were awarded the contract of “Gazprom” for 10 billion rubles for the extension of the CTA near Moscow

– JSC “Gazenergoservis” (co-Evgeny Pershin and Olympic champion Anton Sikharulidze) received the contract of “Gazprom” on reconstruction of gas transportation facilities to ensure the injection of gas into Kasimovskoe UGS and selection of Kasimov UGS and Vazovskogo in the amount of up to 183 million cubic meters per day.

As stated in the materials of “Gazprom”, the value of the contract on the terms of the purchase of a single supplier is 10,243 billion. The period of performance until April 2020.

Works include the construction of looping of the pipeline of the COP Putyatinskaya – Kasimov UGS on the site uvyazovskoye UGS – Kasimov UGS (39,2); jumper between MG “Yamburg – Tula II” and the existing MG “KS Putyatinskaya-uvyazovskoye UGS” (107,5 km); looping of the pipeline in the area Putyatinskaya, KS-uvyazovskoye UGS Дн1000 mm (69 km).

Kasimov is the world’s largest underground storage facilities, created in the aquifer. His active capacity is more than 9 billion cubic meters. m It performs the role of regulator of seasonal and daily irregularity of gas consumption in the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation and the reliability of export supplies. Kasimovskoe UGSF and uvyazovskoe located in the Ryazan region, serve them a branch of “the kasimovskaya UPKHG”, OOO “Gazprom UGS”.

According to monitoring data of “Interfax”, JSC “Gazenergoservis” at the end of 2016, took the eighth place among the largest contractors for the construction of oil and gas facilities, with revenues of nearly 22 billion rubles. About the same amount of “Gazenergoservis” last year we signed contracts with Gazprom group . From the beginning of 2017 were concluded contracts with Gazprom group 16.34 billion.

Sikharulidze after his sports career, was a member of the legislative Assembly in his native Saint Petersburg in 2008-2012 – Deputy of the state Duma (Fraction “United Russia”).

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