“The number of victims of earthquake in Mexico has risen to 248

– A strong earthquake in Mexico, according to the latest data, led to the deaths of at least 248 people, according to Wednesday, Western media, citing the country’s authorities.

In мире20 Sep 2017МИД of the Russian Federation said the lack of the victims of the earthquake in Mexico russiandating read more

With more than 100 people were killed in Mexico city. Earlier it was reported 226 dead.

A powerful earthquake of magnitude of 7.1 occurred in the Mexican state of Morelos, near the capital of the country of Mexico. Hit at least 44 buildings, 3.5 million people were left without electricity. There is also damage to the networks of gas supply, fixed gas leak.

In the affected areas introduced a state of emergency. On the streets of Mexico city bred 3 thousand soldiers. Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto convened a meeting of the National emergency Committee in order to assess the situation.

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