“The UN has warned of a possible move of ISIS to Asia after the defeat in the middle East

– The UN security Council considers a real threat to the movement of ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia) in Asia and other regions of the world after the defeat of the terrorists in the middle East, said the head of the UN Office for combating terrorism, Deputy Secretary General of the UN Vladimir Voronkov in an interview published Wednesday in the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“This threat is. The security Council noted that began the movement of terrorists across borders due to the fact that they are losing in Iraq. So they moved to different areas. Preventing this is one of the main tasks of the counter-terrorism activities of the UN,” – said Voronkov, answering the question of how does the UN fears that ISIS is losing its position in the middle East, will move to Asia.

Head of the recently established counter-terrorism of the UN office noted that the organization actively involved in the coordination of international efforts to combat terrorism.

“Through my office (the UN Office for combating terrorism – if) has several projects related to border crossing by terrorists. These processes can go very intense, and to counter the spread of terrorism, it is necessary to coordinate activities of different services. (…) One of the main tasks of the office is to provide this coordination. First of all, in the structures of the UN. But outside it, too”, – said Vladimir Voronkov.

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