Veronika Skvortsova: “Russia is open for cooperation!”

19 September 2017 in Vienna in the framework of the 61st session of the General conference of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) opened the scientific forum on nuclear technology in health care.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Ministry of health

Speaking at the opening of the scientific forum, the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova said that the IAEA concentrates and summarizes more than 50 years of experience in nuclear technology applications in medicine. Skvortsova with appreciation emphasized the fundamental role “of this powerful international framework for integrated development of nuclear medicine in compliance with the necessary standards of quality and safety technologies, the formation of a single educational and scientific environment by ensuring the exchange of experience”.

The Minister recalled that under the auspices of the IAEA implemented a program to increase the qualifications of medical physicists and radiation therapists of the CIS countries in the field of radiation Oncology in which from 2017 baseline will be the lead Agency of the Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia.

Skvortsova said that nuclear medicine and radiotherapy is a priority for medical science and healthcare in the Russian Federation is represented by a separate block in the state program “Development of health”. The concept of development of nuclear medicine in the Russian Federation until 2020 envisages improvement of the legal base and infrastructure, the introduction of new technologies and security of their use, training of specialized medical, engineering and technical personnel, research and development.

The Minister of health of the Russian Federation noted that the comprehensive experience of the development of nuclear medicine in such a large and diverse climatic and geographical, socio-economic and demographic factors the country, as Russia will no doubt be useful to the international community.
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The IAEA is the world’s leading forum for scientific and technical cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. The Agency was created in the framework of the United Nations in 1957 as an independent organization and is an international authority aimed at control of nuclear activities, and to promote the use of nuclear energy.

Scientific forum within the framework of the 61st session of the General conference of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) held in Vienna from 19 to 20 September.

Of particular importance Veronika Skvortsova gave to ensure the territorial accessibility of nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. For this purpose, as the Minister said, in the Russian Federation is a three-tier system of specialized medical centers – regional, inter-regional and Federal, providing the entire spectrum of nuclear medicine services and radiation therapy for cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, including the use of active radionuclide and hadron therapy.

Aspect of critical importance to nuclear technology applications in medicine Skvortsova described the monitoring and oversight at all stages of the life cycle used in medical applications of radioactive materials.

The Minister recalled that the Russian Federation effectively has a single public service, which guarantees the safety of application of modern nuclear technology in medicine.

“Federal specialized medical centers associated with the leading centers of nuclear physics – continued the Minister. They serve as the focal point of the entire system and are the points of growth of new technologies, broadcasting has gained in the field of nuclear physics vast experience in medicine”.

Skvortsova said that this year in Russia started not with the technical characteristics analogues proton accelerator model of S235 in the opening of the Centre for nuclear medicine and radiotherapy of the Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia in Dimitrovgrad, which was the result of fruitful cooperation between the Russian joint Institute for nuclear research with the IBA. According to the Minister, conducted by the scientific and technological work reduce the diameter of a proton beam from 5 to 1-1. 5 mm,which greatly increases the precision and reduces the trauma of proton therapy, especially for tumors of the brain, skull base and of the eyeball.

In addition, Skvortsova announced the introduction of the first fully developed in Russia the complex of proton therapy based on a compact accelerator system patient positioning with an accuracy within polukilometre. Continuing the theme of scientific achievements, the Minister recalled the realization together with the people’s Republic of China project for carbon therapy as well as the creation of new classes of microsources based on nanotechnology for brachytherapie, gallium arsenide detectors for low-dose x-ray colour imaging, allowing to determine not only the density but also the composition of the studied objects.

Priority developed in Russia, according to the Minister of health is the development of a new generation of radiopharmaceuticals, among which are:

· medications for effective PET diagnosis of bone metastases and tumor angiogenesis based on gallium-68 and zirconium-89;

· original targeted drugs for the treatment of pheochromocytomas, neuroblastoma, melanoma, based on the isotopes of iodine-131 and technetium-99;

· drugs based on nanoporous particles for targeted delivery of emitters of auger electrons (indium-111) in the nucleus of tumor cells of several types and other.

In addition, Skvortsova noted the active development of digital information technologies in application to radiation therapy.

According to the Minister, an integrated approach to the development of nuclear medicine and radiation therapy in the Russian Federation will allow by 2020, not only to improve their accessibility for the population, but also to apply the most modern and efficient technology.

The Minister noted that science and medicine should be available to the entire international community.

“That IAEA is the intellectual and focal point, which allows you to select and spread best practices in the field of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. On behalf of the representatives of the health sector efficient to Express our gratitude to IAEA for its significant contribution to the development of global healthcare and medical science! Russia is open for cooperation!” – she concluded.

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