A tournament snooker: Higgins willing to take second title in a row

In Chinese Uisine continues representative ranking tournament World Open. The best players will compete for an impressive prize Fund of 150,000 pounds which will go to the winner of the finals. Arrived almost all strongest. Saw the local audience is that Ronnie O’sullivan who decided to skip the tournament, Judd trump, which never reached China, sensationally losing in held in England qualifications Sam Craigie.

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The first rounds of the tournament were traditionally a warm-up for the top players. There were, of course, and without loss. The main surprise was the defeat at the stage of 1/32 Mark Selby, who lost not the most famous in the world of snooker, the Welshman Walker (2:5). By the way, at the next stage If quite confidently beat strong Robert Milkins (5:2) and went out in the 1/8 finals proved his class. After the first number of a world rating came on the same stage with the tournament and Shaun Murphy, who failed to beat another representative of Wales – Daniel wells. The initiative of Sean and Mark supported mark king, who, to the delight of the local audience, the status of the favourite in the match with Chinese zhe Chen did not help to pass to the next round.

But in 1/16 began a real cockpit. In half of the matches it came to the decisive frame. Only in the match-Joe Perry Ryan day control did not work – anglichanin did not give the opponent a single frame. But the 47-year-old Peter Abdon on the experience and character of the Doge Marco Fu that can be called a sensation. More rest time spent at the table, Cao Upen and Stuart Bingham. The Englishman behind the account, catch-up, made the call on the maximum break, which, however, fell through at the last remaining red on the table. It came to backlit the frame in which Cao was a little luckier. But the most delicious dish among produced in Wednesday’s matches was the meeting between John Higgins and Matthew SELT.

John came to China in good spirits – last week he became the winner of the Indian Open. This victory was for the Scotsman’s 29th career on rating tournament, which allowed him to surpass the achievements of Ronnie O’sullivan and Steve Davis, each of which such victories to 28. Staying in great shape John confirmed his high status in the match of 1/32 finals, where he dry defeated the Swiss Alexander Orsanmichele (5:0), but the opponents managed to force a couple of frames more titlewasnow Higgins fight, and the final frame John and took altogether only on the last black.

But that SELT will be able to compete for a spot in the 1/8 finals, was trusted hardly. Pretty confident the Scot took the first frame and, it seemed that the victory will get him without much trouble. Indeed, to counter the SELT Higgins the great? And in the attacking game, and the game on the wagering John undoubtedly stronger. It appeared that chance Matthew the mistakes of the opponent. But how to get it wrong? And that’s where the English came from the audience. It is no secret that initially the society was a little nervous about the tournaments in China not only because of the long flights, and acclimation, but for the noisy crowd. The situation with the demeanor of fans every year changing for the better, but then the audience remember the past and at some point even forced Higgins to call them to order. To call the incident a scandal, it would be an exaggeration, but after that, the Scot faltered and began to fail. Let not fatal, but the chance of SELT appeared.

And now, 1:1, then Matthew re-compares – 2:2, 3:3, even going forward. John confidently takes the 8-th frame and transfers the case to a deciding frame, in which again several times makes mistakes, but Belt was clearly not ready in this day to win. Even when the Englishman took the lead in dissent, the bookies estimate his chances of winning are lower (1,4 John against of 2.85 Matthew). And SELT flinch. He dropped the cue ball, after which he could only watch as the opponent closes the door on him in the 1/8.

In spite of the blots in the game John, his game left a good impression. For a place in the quarter-finals, it will now have to fight with David Gilbert, confident figuring in previous rounds with Martin Gould and Jack Lisowski. But Higgins is currently one of the main favorites for the honorable title and the main prize of the World Open.

World Open. 1/16 finals

Brecel Wells — 5:4, Gilbert — Gould — 5:2, Peri — Dey — 5:0, Higgins — SELT — 5:4, Walker — Milkins — 5:2, Abdon Fu 5:3, Jamie Robertson — Astley — 5:2, Open — Bingham — 5:4,

Allen Taylor — 5:2, Maguire — McGill — 5:4, Neil Robertson — Wollaston — 5:4, Xiao Guodong — Tsungu Dean — 0:5, Mark Williams — Chen Zhe — 5:0, UN-Nuh — Wakelin — 5:2, Han Li — Walden — 5:3, Holt — Wilson — 3:5.

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