British Paralympians shortened their limbs to fight with the weaker

The British edition of the BBC conducted an investigation, according to which Paralympic athletes from this country carried out a special operation that their limbs became shorter. This allowed them to compete in other, more minor categories. In the Paralympic Committee of Russia (PKR) this news was not surprised.


In its investigation the BBC reports that British Paralympians lay on the operating table so their arms and legs became shorter. This allowed them to switch into another category where they could compete with athletes who have absent limbs. In addition, not rare were the cases when the Paralympian acted on a wheelchair, but did not use it in everyday life.

Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) this in no way surprised and said that it was no secret to anyone was not.

“RCC is aware of the situation in the British team. A publication on this topic was and it for anybody not a secret. The story lasts more than a year. The investigation is the prerogative of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)”, – quotes the press service of the RCC life.

Recall that at the moment RCC deprived of membership in IPC and athletes from Russia have no right to participate in international competitions.

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