Child over 880 thousand: as meanness and betrayal divided the surrogate baby

The list of human vices is infinite. This story contains almost all the meanness, betrayal, deceit, anger, revenge, stupidity. Although stupidity can be deleted from this list. The vices of the man acquires himself, and stupidity more from nature or from the original backwardness of mind.

The plot unfolded in a provincial small city in Kaliningrad region. The main characters, as usual, a man and a woman.

Anna Nachetkina dreamed about children. The diagnosis of infertility did not give her the chance to be a mother. Friend of the family Sergey Pervukhin decided to help the lady — he found a surrogate mother, agreed value, provided documents. After the birth of a child personally brought the kid and a certificate from the hospital that Nachetkina is the biological mother. On that they parted ways. For a little while. Four years later, Sergei suddenly claimed the boy in court to prove paternity and took the child with a friend.

How easily Russia can sell and buy child — in the article “MK”.

photo: From personal archive
Anna Nachetkina with her husband and son.

Polessk — sad town in the Kaliningrad region with a population of just over 7 thousand. Ancient architecture, which long ago fell into disrepair, people on the streets with tired, gray faces. One traveler described the city: “it’s a Paradise for the diggers, archaeologists, lovers of military history and those who are into a ruin and degradation”. Total Apocalypse. The residents of Polessk characterize the home of three characters: the devastation of severe nepotism and corruption.

Polessk is so stifling from anguish and despair that the story of Anna and Sergey just liven the dreary way.

It all started with a post of Anna Nagatkino in social networks: “In 2012, I had surgery, after which I could not have children. When I was in chemo, a friend of the family Sergey Pervukhin suggested me to resort to surrogate motherhood. I agreed. All documents and the search for a surrogate mother is engaged in athletics. A son was born. The man and the surrogate mother gave me a child, gave a fake certificate from the hospital that I gave birth to a baby. The birth certificate I got in the Polesie Registrar. Pervukhin more did not manifest itself. When my son turned a year, I got married, my husband adopted a child. Since then, the IIHF has started to harass our family, he didn’t like that I made the personal life. Threatened to take away the child. 27 August 2017 police have taken the child and handed the boy Pervuhinu. In court he proved his paternity”.

The story contained in the social network, at first glance seems strange. Everything fell into place when we talked to the Anne of Nagatkino.

— I will tell you from the beginning. More I have nothing to hide, ‘ began the girl. — I was born in Kyrgyzstan. In 2009, his parents moved to Kaliningrad region. Our neighbor was Sergei Pervukhin. Families were friends. In 2012 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I had surgery to remove the uterus with appendages. Followed by chemotherapy. It is clear that on a complete family I couldn’t dream of.

— And then the helping hand you held out to each family?

— I took a course of chemotherapy, felt bad, was thinking also, as I understand, not really. At that time athletics offered me to resort to surrogacy. I didn’t know anything about this method. Sergei calmed, they say, I worry most about, he assumes, I will only have to pay the money. He then contacted his former classmate, who worked as a gynecologist in Yakutia. She advised me to keep my material during the operation, explained how to act. Later Pervukhin agreed with the head physician of our hospital to freeze my gametes. It all the documentation assumed. I do not doubt his honesty. Believed that he could help us.


— The surrogate mother, he also himself you found?

— Yes, he found her through the same classmate in Yakutsk. Surrogate mother’s name was Olga, she is a resident of Kyrgyzstan.

— Have you seen this woman?

Of course I did. During pregnancy she lived in Polessk, I paid for her accommodation. Brought her food. In month out 10 thousand rubles. I still have all the receipts from her.

— Receipts provided, what services did you pay money?

— The surrogate mother, wrote: “the Money received under the contract”, are not prescribed. The contract was at Pervukhina. I have it on my stupidity was not required. And after the birth of the child he advised me all the documents to burn. But I saved them all.

— How much did you pay for childbearing?

— 880 thousand rubles.

In the city who knew that a strange woman carrying your child?

— We decided not to dwell on the subject. It’s a small town, wanted to avoid any gossip. Therefore should be kept confidential. No one knew.

— Are you sure the woman was done an infusion? Maybe she got pregnant the natural way using the same Pervukhina?

— Maybe he lied to me and, judging by the fact that now it is recognized as the biological father. But at the time I had no suspicion. Werner gave me the documents where it was written that took my material and biological material of an unknown man.

— It turns out that all these treatments you know only from the words of your friend?

— Yes, I told Sergei.

— What is the hospital giving birth to a surrogate mother?

— Childbirth has passed in Kaliningrad. Winter 2013 Sergei and surrogate mom brought me the baby, and a certificate from the Yakutsk hospital that I gave birth to a child. With this help I went to Polissia ZAGS and made a birth certificate.

— You understand that could suffer for the fake documents?

— Did not understand. Thought it was legal. Asked the head of the Yakutsk hospital, the official does this help. She confirmed that all legal, convinced that it is normal practice — why all know how to light a baby? Fake certificate was dated 5 November 2013 in the hospital of the verkhnekolymskiy district, village Zyryanka. All my friends I said she gave birth.

“The police forcibly took away the child without explanation”

The story of Anna could safely be completed. A birth certificate is, fellows have suspected a trick, a surrogate mother went back to his home in Kyrgyzstan. All hush-hush. Pervukhin is also no longer reminded him of himself, while Anna never married.

— Eighteen months after the birth of her son I married, spouse legally adopted the child. And at this moment appeared on the horizon Sergei Pervukhin. However, now he wasn’t so white and fluffy. The man started to harass our family, called my mother: “tell her to leave her husband, otherwise I will not give them life, and the child will be taken”. He had already begun to hint that is directly related to our boy. In 2016, he filed a lawsuit in the Polesie court, which said that he lived with me, and when I got pregnant, I dumped him and now they want to give son. I then flew to the court, provided the certificate that can’t have children, convinced the authorities in the right, said that she had never lived with this man. The court rejected the claim of Pervukhina. And I quietly flew back. But this hell is not over.

— Why Pervuhinu need your divorce?

— He always had a crush in my direction. Persuaded me to cohabit, but I refused. Here and decided to take revenge. Only revenge was too sophisticated. After his threats in our address, my husband decided away from sin, to change their place of residence and moved to Saint Petersburg. Peter more or less peacefully lived for two years.

According to her, during this time Sergei Pervukhin continued to send the parents of Anna angry text messages with the threats never stopped the search of the escapee.

We wrote the statement at the woodland police about the threats this man. Militiamen drew up a report and forgotten. There is a small town, Pervukhin is too powerful, everyone is scared of him, and friends he had everywhere. Last summer, the IIHF still found us. He came to our apartment with police officers who violently took us toddler, my husband and I were taken to the police station. There also has invited the employee, a juvenile from custody was no one there. Came the doctors who examined the child and took. I began to shout: “Where to take child?!” I replied: “To the orphanage for clarification of all circumstances”. And after a while I learned that the son on the same day gave Pervuhinu a receipt. Now the boy lives in Polessk in his house.

— On what basis is passed to the child?

— The police told us that the court recognized the paternity of Pervukhina. Birth certificate of the son that I had on hand, and evidence of paternity my spouse the court considered illegal and annulled. Pervuhinu issued a new certificate which States that he is the father of the child, and a girl from Kyrgyzstan, which gave birth to a baby, mother. Genetic examination at that time still not performed, as the child was with us, the biological material it did not take. On what basis he took my son, now trying to figure out my lawyers.

Said the police, who seized the baby from you?

— Said that I kidnapped the child, and poor dad the whole time he was looking for. The fact that the son lived with me for 4 years, this fact was not taken into account. Honestly, nothing really explained. We advocate wrote a letter to the OSB on the illegal actions of police officers, aware of our situation, the district Tosno district of Leningrad region, where we were detained. We also sent a complaint to the police the city, the Investigative Committee, but always silent. There is no answer. Now my lawyer is preparing all the documents and we will file a claim against Pervukhina.

— Have you contacted a surrogate mother, which can later act as a witness in the case?

We can’t find her. On the link it comes out. But I think she liaises with Pervukhin.

— Pervukhina has his own family, other children?

— He is 48. From his first marriage he has two adult children. Now he lives a civil marriage, there is also a daughter.

What does he do?

— He is a businessman. Before he had a firm of cargo, even some of the company.

— What competent authorities? You have the chance to return the child?

— I hope the chance to return the child to eat. At the same Pervukhina can make a case for the sale of a child, the same article can be imputed to the surrogate mother.

— You know that now with the child?

— Polessk neighbors saw Pervukhina with my son. And he sent my friends a video of a boy jumping on a trampoline. He also leaves comments: “I took the child. I wanted, so I did.” It is important for him to demonstrate his strength and power.

— You had contact with him?

Is he not communicate. Doesn’t want to communicate with us. The guardianship also tried to contact them but the contact he is not. Officials only said that he and his son are all well.

The link Sergey Pervukhin comes out not only with Anna. We tried to contact the man asked to comment on the conflict. The answer was short: “do Not meddle in this story.”

“We lived with Nachetkina, and raised a son, but the relatives didn’t know about it, photos of the joint no”

At the disposal of “MK” includes a court records Polessky district court of 2015, which addressed the claim Pervukhina to Nagatkino paternity.

Here are quotes from his testimony. About the history of surrogacy, he chose to remain silent. But told the story alleged his relationship with Anna.

— When you have a relationship with Nagatkino?

Athletics: In 2010-2011

— Why have not issued official marriage with Nagatkino?

Athletics: This issue we have not discussed.

— Have you planned the baby?

Pervukhin: Yes, Nachinkina was examined in the clinic, because she had health problems.

— Where the child is born?

Athletics: In Yakutia.

— Why there?

Athletics: I can Not explain.

— Why did you break up?

Athletics: One day I came home and found her with another man.

— Did you work?

Werner: Yes, my salary was $ 30 thousand per month.

— What did Nachetkina?

Werner: She was a housewife.

— Where you lived?

Athletics: In my apartment. But Nachetkina was prescribed to the mother.

— Why the birth certificate you did not father?

Athletics: Nachetkina refused me to enter on the grounds that provided to single mothers benefits.

— She was recognized as the father of the child?

Werner: Yes.

— Financially you have helped Nagatkino?

Werner: Yes, I kept her child.

— When ceased to live together, helping the child?

Athletics: I personally helped his son bought toys, clothes.

— Who of your relatives can confirm that you lived with Nagatkino?

Athletics: No One.

— Do you have a joint with Nagatkino photos?

Athletics: General photos there.

“Under article can get the staff of the hospital who issued a false certificate”

We asked for clarification of this complicated story to the authorities, who are devoted to the details of this history. All as one, agreed the situation is confusing. And if you unravel this tangle, it is possible to accuse and law enforcement officers who illegally seized the child, and the staff of the Yakutsk hospital for forgery, and a woman who illegally acted as a surrogate mother, and the man who sold his own child. The heroine of this story, possibly also not to avoid punishment. Only Anna will have to pay for their own stupidity.

In this case we asked to the authorities.

The employee of the press service of the police Department in the Polissya area of the Kaliningrad region, defense Ministry of the interior: “We know that the former girlfriend of Sergey Pervukhina took his child in an unknown direction. On this fact have tested. The court session took place. The court determined that athletics is the biological father of the child. Biological mother — the citizen of Kyrgyzstan. The court found that Nachetkina submitted fraudulent documents about the birth of a boy. Nagatkino declared wanted. It was necessary to establish the whereabouts of the child that’s not hers. She was detained in the Leningrad region. Delivered in Polessk. The child was transferred to the father. Concerning the woman criminal case — sales and production of counterfeit documents. But it was discontinued due to expiration of limitations. What Nachetkina been brought to criminal responsibility — a fact that will forever remain in her biography”.

Senior assistant head of Department on interaction with mass-media SK the Russian Federation across the Kaliningrad region Natalia gatsko: “In consideration of the claim Pervukhina investigative bodies no did not participate. This civil proceedings. The case was heard in the Leningrad region. It is known that at that meeting were considered the testimony of the birth mother. In turn, our region in Guryev investigation division received a complaint from Pervukhina about the kidnapping of Nagatkino child. The application was registered in July 2017. During the inspection were interviewed himself Pervukhin, who explained that Nachetkina is not the biological mother. In court, he filed a claim of paternity. In fact a child abduction audited, during which it was determined that there was no kidnapping, no crime. It was made the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case. Our role ended. As for another meeting: Polesskiy court invalidated the acts of birth of the child at Nagatkino. Pervuhinu issued a new birth certificate, which indicated that the boy is his child. And the mother is a citizen of Kyrgyzstan”.

Lawyer Anna Nachetkina, Ksenia Ivanova: “If a person never dealt with the procedure for surrogacy, he doesn’t know all the nuances, don’t understand how a contract, and so on. Nachetkina heard about the secret of adoption and we might well assume that it is legal prepares the birth certificate of the child. In this story a lot of controversial issues. We still have no documents on what basis and how Pervuhinu gave the boy. A genetic examination was not carried out — the child was with Nachetkina, and the courts knew nothing. Rather, the court was presented a medical document on the birth of a child from a surrogate mother, but, of course, that she is a surrogate mother, they are silent. Held some trials which were held without our knowledge and participation. Now our task is to return a child to the family. It’s real. If the surrogate mother recognizes that it is biological, then it can be imputed to the sale of a child for money. Thus, it will be deprived of parental rights. My doveritelnyi formed a strong family bond with the baby, on the basis of this she can give a son. So we will fight.

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