In Russia will be the first time a standard on the tourist services for the elderly

To work with the elderly tourists by the special rules have the guides and instructors of health centers in the near future. Walking routes for active retirees to the owners of the resorts will also have to fit strict requirements. He stated this in new Visitor for tourism for the elderly.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As told in the FSUE “STANDARTINFORM,” the national standard for tourist services for the elderly introduced in our country for the first time and begins to act this fall. The rules will cover travellers older than 55 years for women and 60 for men. As stated in the document, tourism for grandparents should exclude serious physical and psychological stress. That is extreme like rafting down rapids or ski trails through the impenetrable forest will be banned. In addition, the guide will have to build a walk so that it took less than an hour. Also needs to be ruled out significant changes in elevation. The way for a group of elderly tourists should choose smooth, so as not to drive the poor guy through the ravines, swamps and hills. Moreover, the instructor will be obliged to take care that the temperature regime during the tour was comfortable for vacationers. But if the group is disabled, the standard prescribes to choose a route that people could get around in a wheelchair or crutches. Another requirement concerns the nature trails to explore. Their owners of the resorts will have to equip in the form of looped trails of 3-4 km. And on the route have to be rest areas with telephone, radio or other means of communication with emergency services. Signs and other visual information for tourists, retirees standard will be placed on a background of contrasting colour, not less than 1.5 and not more than 4.5 m from the ground. Finally, in the Guest there are special requirements for guides and instructors. They should be able to provide first aid to an old man, to know the features of physiology, to be as sensitive and to create an atmosphere of acceptance and hospitality.

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