“In the Catalan Parliament declared the de facto entered Madrid in state of emergency

– Chairman of the Parliament of Catalonia Karma Forcadell said Wednesday that this Spanish Autonomous community “actually installed a state of emergency”.

“The government has buried the political process and finally opened the doors for repression, blatant violations of civil rights in order not to allow Catalans to freely decide their destiny,” she said.

“And that’s the only answer you can offer?” – she asked the representatives of the Central authorities in Madrid.

According to Forcadell, “a committed anti-democratic offensive aimed at the prohibition of voting.” Forcadell urged to apply to the political process, hardness, democracy and not descend to the provocations of political repression.

In мире07 Sep 2017Конституционный court of Spain has blocked the referendum on self-determination to Catalanitat read more

Earlier Wednesday, officials of the Civil guard of Spain seized about 10 million ballots for a vote on the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

The seizure was conducted in the town of Bigues 45 km North from Barcelona.

Earlier it was reported about searches in a number of government institutions of Catalonia.

Searches in particular were held in Catalan institutions in charge of economy, foreign Affairs, employment and social issues, as well as in the building of the government of Catalonia.

As part of the operation police detained the head of the economic governance of Catalonia Josep Maria Hove, as well as 11 others.

At the end of last week, the mayors of more than 700 towns in Catalonia went on the March in Barcelona demanding to allow a referendum on self-determination scheduled for October 1.

The decision on the referendum adopted by the government of Catalonia unilaterally after a number of unsuccessful attempts to agree on voting with the Central government in Madrid.

Earlier, Prosecutor General of Spain, josé Manuel Maza, said that the police bodies of Spain, the civil guard and the Autonomous police of Catalonia ordered to seize ballot boxes and ballot papers for the referendum on self-determination of Catalonia.

The Parliament of Catalonia on September 6 a majority of votes supported the draft law on holding a referendum on secession of the Autonomous community from Spain.

Earlier, the chief Executive of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia Carles Potsdamand appointed a referendum on independence on 1 October. The referendum will have to answer the question: “do You Want to Catalonia became an independent state with a Republican form of government?”.

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