, Mairbek taysumov: “I will Win the UFC belt, will leave it and will help children”

In early September, the Russian fighters have won the UFC tournament in Rotterdam. The mayrbek taysumov was one of the main characters: his fastest knockout in a duel with Felipe Silva praised even by the organizers, which gave him a bonus in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. About whether even the money return to the cage, the scandal with the “race” in Moscow, and most importantly — to help children, taysumov said in an interview with Alexei Safonov.

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“UFC offered a new contract for five fights, but it is not going to sign it”

– You in the UFC series of 5 wins knockouts, but your basic style of JIU — jitsu. For submisison not bored yet?

– I love to fight, but when I go into the cage, I still prefer to fight in the rack.

– Usually all like to show off your base, and then — on the contrary. Pall?

Just want to show spectacle. The struggle did not understand everything. The viewer would need the blood, we need the knockouts. And I like it too more.

Is a primitive instinct?

I don’t know why everyone wants it. Remember, in Boxing all like Mike Tyson just because he is fast everybody cut down.

– What do you have coming prospects in the UFC?

– Representatives of the UFC came up to me after the battle in Rotterdam was quite a long conversation. Promised a lot of things, including large fights. Plus I have already been offered a new contract. According to the old left two fights. But it will not sign.


– I don’t want to trust anyone. People can promise, but in the end something will not work. The contract was offered on good terms, much better than you were before, at five fights. But first want to play the remaining two games. Then we’ll see what happens.

– A bonus of 50 thousand dollars for the best knockout of the night you have somewhere managed to invest?

Bonus? It is not. (laughs)

– What did he go?

Well… When I have money I like to spend when they do not — like to earn it.

That is, is it a secret?

– It’s better not to say what it was spent on.

– Even for a good cause?

– Of course!

. When you want to speak again?

For me a perfect date — 25 November in Shanghai on November 19 in Sydney. Now I will rest until the end of September, then immediately go to the training camp. Hope to be back before the end of the year.

What opponents?

– The only free — Edson Barboza and Michael Chiesa. But these guys refuse to fight. Barbosa is waiting for the title fight, but where did he go to? There before him was a line. And Chiesa, like I said, you do not want me to leave. I know them, they know me. He promised to fight me if I win a fight. Since I knocked out two people already, now he’s not answering me.

– What is the situation with Eddie Alvarez?

– He was given the opponent. But if someone’s hurt, I’ll be ready to pop up.

– He’s not answering you?

– Every morning, I him 10 texts sent!

– They were with a constructive proposal or arrogant character?

– First, just wrote to him, then began to become impudent when he started to ignore.


Just like that, @Taisumov155 FLOORS Silva in the first round!! #UFCRotterdam

WOW!!! pic.twitter.com/xLUqX6kdkU

— UFC (@ufc) September 2, 2017.

“With Conor McGregor fought in the front”

– How do you evaluate its long-awaited appearance in the ranking and what was due to your lack of it earlier?

– I was put on the 15-th place, although I’m sure that includes at least in the top 5. This was due to the fact that I don’t have a us visa, but the fighters prefer to promote there. But now I show spectacular fights and kill this division, although all said I was small for this weight class. Even the UFC wanted me to go down to 66 kg. But while they talk about Conor McGregor and others, I’m slowly getting to that title and soon it will win.

– Do you feel small in a 70 kg?

– There are a head taller, physically stronger, but if I can speak in the easiest weight category, why would I come down? I raced a maximum of ten.

– With the advent of USADA this process is somehow complicated?

– Before when I looked at the top ten fighters in his weight class, I thought, they do not get tired, as the machine! Now it’s all blown away after the first round. This is my chance to take the belt, until they came up with something new. Now they don’t feel as confident as before.

– What about visa?

– I recently changed lawyers, they are trying to resolve this issue. Like there is good news. The UFC also help, prepared all the papers and documents.

– You say you kill the whole division. And yet, at the forefront put someone in weight?

I don’t know what will happen in the fight, but I’m fairly confident absolutely everyone. Conor and I also had a fight in the rack. To carry on canvas — not my style.

– 70 kg, a lot of our guys. And we all know that in category there are Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is also in the queue for the title…

– If I win the UFC belt — I’m not going to fight anymore and will leave the professional sport. What about Habib, I think, it is first necessary to fight with Tony Ferguson and finish this thing. It is more dangerous to Habib than Conor.

Have imperceptibly flown by 4 days in Moscow, as always though)) I was very glad to meet my brothers, Case RES of chil shun virii that always greeted me as the first time, and escorted the last time, Zaurbek @zaurbek_khasiev and Tamirlan @tamiiirlan as you Wake up let me know??✊?

Publication of Mairbek Taisumov Official. (@taisumov155) Sep 20 2017 at 4:49 PDT

“In the framework of assistance to children opened in Austria free room”

– What role did you play in the ACB tournament in Vienna in the spring?

– I was the organizer. The mayrbek Hasiev decided all financial matters.

– What was lined up for your job?

I was hoping I will soon give battle, a lot of training, so brought in his own guys who have done things. I just watched and corrected, if needed.

– Learned the sport from the other side?

– Of course! Once thought to organize a tournament in MMA – not hard. But then I realized that the guys that make the events at the highest level, a lot of work.

– What are the difficulties you faced and exhausting yourself?

– Unreal! A couple of days before the tournament, some fighters have visa problems, I had to decide to look for a replacement.

– What else did you fill your time when idle?

– A lot of work. In the social sphere, I have my own projects in Austria.

– Tell.

– Work with children. There they are considered adults from the age of 14. Therefore, a smoke, away from their parents, do evil things. I have my own team that looks that this did not happen. Doing joint projects with the Austrian government. Love this work and to my professional career, I was engaged in precisely this direction.

– Why children?

– I love children. I went and watched how to do it, how they can help.

– Personally communicate with them?

– Stable. Vienna is a small town, I know and respect, Yes.

– Can you remember some of the most difficult story?

– Global issues in Austria are almost there. Financially everything is fine, housing is the food is there. Problems in the head. Adolescence, all the cases.

– What do you tell them during your interviews?

– In different ways. Often conversations with the immigrants: they arrive, someone is beaten, pick up the phone. I explain what not to do. We recently opened for children your gym. If you want to show yourself — let them go there. Two weeks gathered 80 of guys who consistently go.

Room social?


– All train there for free?

– Absolutely. All of them have: you need shoes, tights or something else — buy everything.

– Financing — from the state?

Yes. They are only too happy that we took this case.

“Don’t assume everyone needs to know about my social projects”

In autumn all the media trumpeted about the next fast ride to the car in the center of Moscow. In the car was you. That situation is trumped, or that it was at all?

– Yes, we “gave gas” a little late for a press conference, was driving from the airport. This is wrong, but the situation is really inflated so much that the news showed. People know us, so I wanted to spin the story. Ugly it was. Revealed that almost the race was.

– It was a shame that represent Russia at the highest level, and your victories most silent, and hinting at a scandal — just writing all this?

– Of course. It’s not fair. Do good, but just couldn’t do you write off already. But what can you do…

– Why is this on your social mission to help children, no one knows?

– In Russia it is not at the hearing, and in Austria — very even. Almost every week in Newspapers, shown on TV. But I don’t think that all around should know about it.

– At the end of a career, in that you see yourself?

Yes. I will share with the children their experiences, to help them. Because I love this case and distracted from it all.

– Can represent its expansion to Russia?

– Of course. That’s my goal. I’m letting my children that being a bad person is easy, but to be worthy and useful for his people — no. Let them choose, they are weak people, or want to be real men.

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