Spring terrorism: students convicted of non-information on classmates

Two students of Astrakhan medical University Kirovskiy district court of Astrakhan recognised as guilty under article of the criminal code 205.6 (not informing about the crime) from the acclaimed “Spring package”. Each of them was sentenced to the penalty of a fine of 80 thousand rubles.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Recall the “Spring package” — a set of amendments to the criminal code and the criminal procedure code in addition to Federal law including the definition of a crime as failure to report a crime of a terrorist nature, promoting extremist activities, the Commission of an act of international terrorism.

The investigation of students salavatova and Magomedov was engaged in the Astrakhan Department of the FSB. The investigators came to the conclusion that the defendants communicated with students fighting in illegal armed groups, including in Syria, who then left Russia for entry into ISIS (banned in the Russian organization). And some of them previously studied them in University.

Assessment this provision, popularly called “non-information”, “MK” has given lawyer Stalin Gurevich:

“This article (205.6 UK) implies a crime only when the defendant is obviously aware of the committed or committed crime. And so came the responsibility, the person needs to understand what specific crime committed or being prepared, for any article.

I can hardly imagine how it must be proved and how people with no special legal education (in this case the students of the medical school) can qualify the actions of criminals. How can you prosecute individuals who are not able to understand if the crime they see, and if so, what kind?

So this is a very specific norm. Of course, the fight against terrorism is very important, but the package Spring is in need of serious revision.”

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