The feeling of abandonment: the chief military psychiatrist of Ukraine lost his job because of the crazy

A loud statement that more than ninety percent of Ukrainian soldiers and officers fighting in the Donbas are in need of qualified medical help, that is mentally unstable, and even dangerous, was the reason for today’s scandalous resignation of Colonel Oleg Druz, the chief military psychiatrist of Ukraine, the head of the clinic of psychiatry National military medical clinical center.

How these words correspond to the truth? Are really fighters ATO so-called “Afghan syndrome”? Which brought to the grave and has sent behind bars a lot of young people that have passed the crucible of righteous and unrighteous wars…

“It would be more accurate to call it the “syndrome of a combatant,” says my colleague journalist and a reserve major of the airborne troops, military expert Viktor Sokirko. – Yes, our government has paid much attention to such people it was after the Afghan war, although they were before, and even after great Patriotic war: someone was drunk, someone poured out the accumulated aggression in the home. Then it was not considered for the disease, but Afghans rehabilitated as he could: sent to sanatoriums and rest homes, where they worked with military psychologists, for example, under the same Ruse. The manifestation of this post-traumatic disorder were diverse, from simple — when people were afraid to step on manholes because, as it seemed, the threat of explosion. Or out yourself if clapped the cover of the chute to an already serious, requiring medical intervention. I remember at the time was a high profile case like this: a former Afghan went to illegal hunting and there he caught the huntsman, so he’s in the heat of passion burned car and all cruelly shot down.

Black-and-white. Other people-their. “While you’re here in the rear of the pants sit, we are their lives spared!”

Someone is pouring aggression on loved ones. And someone and he dies.. “In battles lost 211 troops, not in combat — 256” is only open statistics of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine for 2016-th year.

I must say that in Ukraine this information is not hidden — there was created the register of suicides among the Ukrainian military personnel who took part in the ATO. On Monday, September 18, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets.

She also made up a generalized portrait of the victims of former volunteers. “This is a person who mainly are under the age of 30, most of them were in a state of alcoholic intoxication (…). Basically, they were out of work,” stated the clerk. According to her, they have already received more than the first 100 questionnaires received from the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

Another story is the growth in the number of crimes committed by former volunteers in a state of delirium tremens. From the latest news. 8 September 2017. Kiev.

About 4:30 in the morning, on Mechnikova, 9, near the bar “Coyote Ugly”(bar) was a conflict with a fight and stabbing.

One of the guests — a former fighter of the ATO, returned from Eastern Ukraine about a year ago, I heard an unidentified man allegedly loudly praised “the terrorist organizations DNR and LNR”. Soldiers called “enemy” in the yard “talk like a man”.

To the “conversation” was joined by twelve men, who, according to him, also played for the independence of Donbass, began an unequal battle, 12 against one “atoshnik” with a knife in his hand…

Arrived at the scene the police. During the detention atoshnik stabbed with a knife in the leg of a policeman. Then the hero managed to cope.

The result — 13 to 1, beaten a detainee who is now in jail waiting for their fate. “It is clear that the person something they imagined. It is unlikely in Kiev there are people who are willing to openly in the street to praise the DNI and the LC. Moreover, it is noteworthy that NO one in the school did not come “hero ATO” to help. Apparently, or were not in sympathy with the new course of the country, or were sympathetic to the hero himself. And the second more likely…Judging by the fact that the police were trying to arrest is a “hero of anti-terrorist operation”, he was in a state of insanity”, – commented on this loud story on TV of Kyiv bloggers.

This was even very funny, if it weren’t so sad.

“Ukrainians today are in the grip, most going to the war not by vocation, voluntarily, not defending the homeland, and at the call, – says Lieutenant-Colonel Eldar Hasanov, chief of staff of the Slavic brigade and the Ministry of defence DND. – They really do not understand why they’re being driven, who are they gonna kill… There is an inner feeling of abandonment and injustice of what is happening, when in Kiev, getting fat and partying, and you’re there risking themselves for the sake of it is not clear what the uncle… And then come back and too useless. This kind of protection of the brain — just take and go crazy, not to see the horror of what is happening around you, and living in peace and in war.”

“I have personally seen footage from mobile phones, which are now classified as Ukrainian and our intelligence services, in Moscow such videos and photos came in a roundabout way, from the same volunteers, materials strikes with its inhuman cruelty. Believe me, the notorious Islamic state (ISIS — banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) with his cutting off heads and burning the living flesh is far from the nightmares that are happening in Donetsk land… mentally Normal people can’t, just not able to do that. But to destroy these papers too — they are for court”, – told the “MK” on condition of anonymity, one of the representatives of our intelligence.

“When dealing with prisoners of war, Mat sometimes feel like they see the light, become sane easy on the eyes. Yes, five percent and remains glassy look, but the vast majority is able to communicate properly. Of course, I can’t say about the punitive nationalist battalion, it has its own specifics,” continued Eldar Hasanov.

Urgently need psychological aid not only ordinary soldiers but officers. This is just a movie about war, everything is beautiful, true and correct. Military personnel even more susceptible to professional deformation. And when this processing and the permissiveness of the battle, the need to make individual decisions concerning life and death, to decide the fate, in the person is often released to the basest and meanest of its quality. Of course, not at all. Sometimes Vice versa. “Believe me, people with initially normal mentality as such from the war and back, I can say,” says a major in the reserve airborne Viktor Sokirko.

“But many who choose such a specialty, initially did have some psychological features of character, we can say that they are not quite balanced mentally, before they would be called psychopaths, now this term changed, – says Mikhail Vinogradov, the psychiatrist-the criminalist, the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of psychiatry, founder and Director of the Center for legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations. – I in due time was engaged in the same Afghans, was a career officer in one of our special services, retired, and I can say that psychologically rehabilitate these people is impossible. You can only try to miniministerial harm caused, to channel it into peaceful law-abiding direction. At the time, for example, these guys arranged to slaughterhouses, where they can be realized…”

You can still enroll in the foreign Legion or go to war, one, two, three… Psychiatrists make it clear that many of those who went voluntarily to protect the same Donbass, actually also looking for a way out of internal aggression. “And just to play sports, e.g., Boxing, will not work. People have to do something with the risk of his own life, only then he will get a temporary relief, a sense of emptiness, and then all over again.”

And worst of all, when the war ends, anyway — win or lose, all these people return to society, which they do not need, because in modern slaughterhouses humanity and progress has long replaced the human hand by an electric current…

As for the revelations of the chief military psychiatrist of Ukraine, which cost him his career, although evil tongues say that the reason for his dismissal is actually a banal bribe in 52 thousand hryvnia (which is even less than two thousand United States dollars) allegedly received a certificate of impossibility of passage of military service, in any case, finally, he told the absolute truth about the state of mind of the Ukrainian military after four years of civil war.

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