The head of the NOC of Ukraine Sergey Bubka was accused of corruption

Vice-President of the International Association of athletics federations, the head of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergey Bubka suspected of involvement in corruption deals.


According to media reports, Bubka was involved in the illegal scheme, which also included the former head of the IAAF Dad Masta Diack and former head of the all-Russian athletics Federation Valentin Balakhnichev, reports RIA Novosti.

Last year, the IAAF suspended for life, the Deacon and balahnicheva because of the situation with the Russian athletes who were accused of mass doping and was suspended from the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

According to media reports, in 2009, Bubka allegedly transferred 45 thousand dollars to the account of the offshore company New Mills Investments, the beneficiary of which was balahnicheva. Last occupied at the time Treasurer of the IAAF.

Otmechaetsya that same amount shortly before the transfer of funds Bubka New Mills Investments transferred to the company’s Dad Massat Diack.

Sergey Bubka — the famous Soviet and Ukrainian athlete, Olympic champion in the pole vault, six-time world champion. The holder of the world record in the pole vault at outdoor arenas.

Currently heads the national Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

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